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Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

As you can see,

As you can see, BEA Workshop Studio, besides being a full-functioned application IDE, provides a rich set of functions for working directly with your Ingres data. Common Ingres JDBC driver options There are many options, also known as attributes, which may be specified for the Ingres JDBC driver, but two are used frequently enough to deserve special mention. While neither of these options are required for Workshop tools such as DbXplorer and DbXaminer, other applications may benefit from or require the following settings. cursor=readonly This option generally improves response times by utilizing more block fetching of data and reducing database locking. While this option is now the default for the Ingres 2006 driver and does not need to be specified with the current release, this value was not the default in prior versions, including some initial releases of Ingres 2006. Since this option is beneficial for new development, it doesn't hurt to always specify the option so there's no doubt about whether it's on or not. auto=multi Applications that expect to keep multiple cursors (selects) open when AUTOCOMMIT is on will encounter errors such as “No MST in progress, trying to open additional cursor”. If this error occurs, set this attribute. When autocommit is on, Ingres only allows one cursor (select) to be open at a time. Since autocommit is the default for JDBC, the problem can easily occur. Some of the other databases do not have this behavior and applications may have been coded with that expectation. Setting this attribute causes the Ingres JDBC driver to emulate the behavior, and thereby allow multiple cursors to

e open concurrently. The attributes can be specified at the end of the URL, each separated with semicolons (;). For example, the Database URL above would be changed to: jdbc:ingres://localhost:II7/TradeDB;auto=multi Alternatively, the options may be specified as properties of the Ingres JDBC driver. Please see the Ingres JDBC driver documentation for details. Getting an Ingres JDBC driver trace If any problems occur while trying to access data in an Ingres 2006 database, you can use an Ingres JDBC driver trace to get information you can use to track down any problems. You can set up a JDBC driver trace by adding the following Ingres trace properties in the config.ini file of Eclipse used by the BEA Workshop Studio installation. Another option is to create a file named in the eclipse directory, and put the attributes in it. ingres.jdbc.trace.log=ingres_jdbc.log ingres.jdbc.trace.drv=5 ingres.jdbc.trace.msg=5 The log file will be placed in the directory where Eclipse is installed. See Chapter 10 in the Ingres Connectivity Guide referenced above for other trace options. Workshop must be recycled to pick up the trace attributes. Additionally, you can check the Ingres error log file for additional errors and information. Conclusion This article provides a starting point for users seeking to use Ingres 2006 with BEA Workshop Studio. If you encounter any issues or problems using Ingres 2006 of the Ingres JDBC driver with Workshop Studio 3.1, you can use the forums at, for help and answers to questions. If you are a licensed Ingres customer, you can also open a support issue.

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