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2012 - City of Winter Springs

2012 - City of Winter Springs


2012 Code Enforcement Division Statistics Irrigation Violation 84 Violation of City Park Rules Right Of Entry To City Utility 1 2 No House Numbers 44 Fireworks/Open Burning 5 Building Maintenance 186 No Arbor Permit 4 Unlicensed Contractor/No Building Permit Commercial Vehicles Improper Operation of Golf Carts 3 21 52 Trailers or RV in Residential Area 149 Animal Complaints 94 Obstructing Sidewalks-Right Of Way 206 Handbills/Sign Violations 77 False Alarms Noise, General 8 19 Public Nuisances (grass, trash, pool) 594 Parking Violations 1330 Abandoned or Disabled Vehicle 221 No Occupational License-BTR No Garage Sale Permit Soliciting Without Permit 10 2 12 All other (Intl' Property Maintenance, etc.) 250 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 24

Communications Division The Winter Springs Police Department understands the importance of the needs of our community. We are pleased to continue to serve our citizens and businesses with our own in-house Communications Center staffed by the finest, highly trained personnel who are there as the first line of service to our community residents, visitors, and others who require our service and a reassuring voice to callers in distress. Operating our own Communications Center is crucial to the mission of the agency since we feel no one understands the needs of our community like our own employees. Annually, the personnel assigned to the Communications Center handle approximately 50,000 regular business and over 4,100 emergency calls from people who need assistance with various policerelated matters. The members of the Communications Center work closely with officers to form a team that comes together to provide the highest level of service possible. 25

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