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2012 - City of Winter Springs

2012 - City of Winter Springs

Records Records

Records Records personnel are tasked with the processing of daily paperwork, requests for information by the public and department personnel, data entry, fingerprinting services, court paperwork transmittal, routing of fee payments, the proper retention of police records and the proper destruction of obsolete information. The Records Division serves our community during normal business hours of the week and is ready to help citizens or others in need of our service. Last year, Records personnel handled over 18,000 reports generated by officers and non-sworn members, as well as traffic enforcement related paperwork such as citations, warning notices, and parking violations. 28

Traffic Enforcement in Winter Springs Purposeful traffic enforcement has a direct correlation with reduction in crime. The department-wide philosophy of vigorous high visibility traffic enforcement mirrors the philosophy in that traffic enforcement is conducted by all members of the agency from the line officers up to the office of the chief. We believe that where the criminal element sees emergency lights they will be more apt to commit their criminal acts elsewhere. In 2012, Winter Springs police officers conducted over 12,000 traffic stops, issued nearly 6,900 citations, and over 4,800 written warnings. This data is compiled and reviewed to check our enforcement actions against the represented demographic of our community and to ensure bias-based enforcement is not practiced within the Winter Springs Police Department. Review of these figures confirms our commitment to equal and fair traffic enforcement. Citations Issued By Race 81.1% 5.1% 13.1% .0005% White Black Am. Indian Asian/Pacific Isl. Other 0.26% 29

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