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2012 - City of Winter Springs

2012 - City of Winter Springs

Use of

Use of Defensive Action Overview During 2012, the officers of the Winter Springs Police Department found themselves in situations where they were forced to use defensive action against hostile suspects. All of these defensive action responses to hostile suspect aggression were reviewed and all were found to be approved and justified per department policy. Use of Defensive Action by Officers 2 1 1 Use of Hobble restraint 3 2 Use of Impact Munitions Use of Taser (Dart System) Use of Taser (Drive Stun) 3 Use of Takedown Use of Controlling Technique 30

Department Awards and Recognition During 2012, the Winter Springs Police Department presented the highest award offered by the department- only the third to be awarded for the call of duty as a Winter Springs Police Officer in the agency’s history. On January 11, 2013, the Award of Valor was presented to Sgt. Brad Dula for his acts of heroism related to a case involving a triple homicide on September 30, 2012 which received national media coverage. During this incident and without immediate concern for his own well-being, Sgt. Dula engaged multiple suspects actively involved in a gun fight and brought a safe conclusion to this scene without further loss of life or injury. Sergeant Dula’s actions embody the spirit in which this award is intended and are credited for saving at least one life, perhaps others. For his acts, he was presented with the Winter Springs Police Department’s Award of Valor. 31

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