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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two View from Holland Lane - Bio-wall and pedestrian/bike trail 32

VIII. STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two 1. The Final Site shall be in substantial conformance with the preliminary plan received April 30, 2012, the Carlyle Plaza Design Guidelines dated May 18, 2012, the CDD Concept Plan dated April 30, 2012, and shall comply with the following conditions of approval. A. PEDESTRIAN/STREETSCAPE: 2. Provide the following pedestrian improvements to the satisfaction of the Directors of P&Z, RP&CA and T&ES: a. Complete all pedestrian improvements for each phase prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy permit for each building. b. Install ADA accessible pedestrian crossings serving the site. c. The minimum unobstructed width of newly constructed sidewalks shall be 6’ in commercial, mixed-use or other high-density areas. d. All brick sidewalks shall comply with the City’s Memo to Industry 05-08. e. All sidewalks and driveways constructed above tree wells/trenches shall be structurally supported. Areas of uncompacted growing medium shall not be used to support sidewalks and driveways without additional structural support. Provide section details in the final site plans that verify this requirement. f. Sidewalks shall be flush across all driveway crossings. g. All newly constructed curb ramps in Alexandria shall be concrete with detectable warning and shall conform to current VDOT standards. h. Provide separate curb ramps for each direction of crossing (i.e., two ramps per corner). Curb ramps shall be perpendicular to the street to minimize crossing distances. Any changes must be approved by the Director of T&ES. i. Provide thermoplastic pedestrian crosswalks at all crossings at the proposed development, which must be designed to the satisfaction of the Director of T&ES. j. All crosswalks shall be standard, 6” wide, white thermoplastic parallel lines with reflective material, with 10’ in width between interior lines. High-visibility crosswalks (white, thermoplastic ladder crosswalks as shown in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)) may be required as directed by staff at Final Site Plan. All other crosswalk treatments must be approved by the Director of T&ES. k. All streets, with the exception of Holland Lane, shall be constructed per the Eisenhower East Design Guidelines. (P&Z)(RP&CA)(T&ES) 3. Provide the following pedestrian and streetscape improvements, if not already constructed, prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the first building: a. John Carlyle Street: i. Construct a minimum 22 foot wide roadway with curb, from Eisenhower Avenue to Savoy Street. ii. Install a 6 foot wide temporary asphalt or concrete sidewalk on the east side of the street. 33

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