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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two d. Set back from the curb edge where the width of sidewalk and adjacent conditions allow e. Subject to the character of the adjacent area and relevant design guidelines for spacing, distance from the curb and species selection. (T&ES) (P&Z) L. SITE PLAN: 71. Per Section 11-418 of the Zoning Ordinance, the development special use permit shall expire and become null and void, unless substantial construction of the project is commenced within 36 months after initial approval and such construction is thereafter pursued with due diligence. The applicant shall provide a written status report to staff 18 months after initial approval to update the City Council on the project status. (P&Z) 72. The development may be constructed in phases as long as each phase is consistent with the Preliminary Plan and Carlyle Plaza Design Guidelines. Each separate construction phase will require a new final site plan. (P&Z) 73. Submit the plats of subdivision/consolidation/vacation, all applicable easements, and dedications prior to the release of the first final site plan. The plat(s) shall be approved and recorded prior to the release of the final site plan. Plats should be provided for the following: a. Public access easement for the transition zone, bike/pedestrian trail, and elevated open space b. Public access easement for Holland Lane and the Limerick Street garage connections. c. Easement for area under deck connection on Alexandria Renew property for potential installation and maintenance of City infrastructure. d. Dedication of the portions of Block 31. e. Dedication of right of way for Limerick Street, Bartholomew Street, and Savoy Street. f. Vacation of the portion of Holland Lane. (P&Z)(T&ES) 74. The applicant shall pay $24,833 (the fair market value, as determined by the Director of Real Estate Assessment) for the requested vacation of a portion of the existing Holland Lane right-of-way. Approval of this vacation shall be subject to the following: a. Utility easements for all public and private utilities shall be provided within the vacated right-of-way and such easements are to be shown on the plat of consolidation. b. The vacated right-of-way shall be consolidated with the adjoining lot, and the plat of consolidation approved by the Directors of P&Z and T&ES prior to release of the final site plan. The approved plat shall be recorded in the Land Records of the City of Alexandria. c. The applicant shall be responsible for perpetual ownership, development and maintenance of the improvements constructed in the vacated right-of-way. d. The property owners may not use the vacated land area to derive any increased above and below grade development rights for the lands adjacent to the vacated 52

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two area, including increased floor area, subdivision rights or additional dwelling units. The above and below grade restrictions shall appear as part of the deed of vacation and shall also appear as a note on the consolidation plat, both of which shall be approved by the Directors of P&Z and T&ES. (T&ES) (P&Z) 75. Coordinate location of site utilities with other site conditions to the satisfaction of the Directors of P&Z and/or RP&CA, and T&ES. These items include: a. Location of site utilities including above grade service openings and required clearances for items such as transformers, telephone, HVAC units and cable boxes. b. Minimize conflicts with plantings, pedestrian areas and major view sheds. c. Do not locate above grade utilities in dedicated open space areas. (RP&CA)(P&Z)(T&ES) 76. Provide a lighting plan with the final site plan to verify that lighting meets City standards. The plan shall be to the satisfaction of the Directors of T&ES, P&Z, and/or RP&CA in consultation with the Chief of Police and shall include the following: a. Clearly show location of all existing and proposed street lights and site lights, shading back less relevant information. b. A lighting schedule that identifies each type and number of all fixtures, mounting height, and strength of fixture in Lumens or Watts. c. Manufacturer's specifications and details for all proposed fixtures including site, landscape, pedestrian, sign(s) and security lighting. d. A photometric plan with lighting calculations that include all existing and proposed light fixtures, including any existing street lights located on the opposite side(s) of all adjacent streets. Photometric calculations must extend from proposed building face(s) to property line and from property line to the opposite side(s) of all adjacent streets and/or 20 feet beyond the property line on all adjacent properties and rights-of-way. Show existing and proposed street lights and site lights. e. Photometric site lighting plan shall be coordinated with architectural/building mounted lights, site lighting, street trees and street lights to minimize light spill into adjacent residential areas. f. Provide location of conduit routing between site lighting fixtures so as to avoid conflicts with street trees. g. Detail information indicating proposed light pole and footing in relationship to adjacent grade or pavement. All light pole foundations shall be concealed from view. h. The lighting for the areas not covered by the City of Alexandria’ standards shall be designed to the satisfaction of Directors of T&ES and P&Z. i. Provide numeric summary for various areas (i.e., roadway, walkway/ sidewalk, alley, and parking lot, etc.) in the proposed development. j. The walls and ceilings in the garage must be painted white or dyed concrete (white) to increase reflectivity and improve lighting levels at night. 53

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