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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two k. The lighting for the parking garage shall be a minimum of 5.0 foot candle maintained, when occupied. When unoccupied the lighting levels will be reduced to no less than 1.5 foot candles. l. Full cut-off lighting shall be used at the development site to prevent light spill onto adjacent properties. (P&Z)(T&ES)(RP&CA)(Police) 77. The applicants shall be responsible for cost of installing, operating, and maintaining lighting fixtures for the entire bike/pedestrian trail, including those portions on City property and Alexandria Renew property. (P&Z)(RP&CA)(T&ES) 78. Provide a unit numbering plan for each floor of a multi-unit building with the first final site plan submission. The unit numbers should comply with a scheme of 100 level numbers on the first floor, 200 level numbers on the second floor, and 300 level numbers for third floor and continue in this scheme for the remaining floors. Indicate unit's use (i.e. Residential, Retail, Office) if known. (P&Z) 79. The Emergency Vehicle Easement (EVE) shall not be painted. When an EVE is shared with a pedestrian walkway or consists of grasscrete or a similar surface treatment, the EVE shall be defined in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding ground plane. (P&Z) M. ENCROACHMENT: 80. The applicant (and his/her successors, if any) must obtain and maintain a policy of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, which will indemnify the applicant (and his /her successors, if any) and the City of Alexandria, as an additional named insured, against all claims, demands, suits, etc., and all costs related thereto, including attorney fees, relating to any bodily injury or property damage which may occur as a result of the granting of this encroachment. (T&ES) 81. Neither the City nor any Private utility company will be held responsible for damage to the private improvements in the public right-of-way during repair, maintenance or replacement of any utilities that may be located within the area of the proposed encroachment. (T&ES) 82. In the event the City shall, in the future, have need for the area of the proposed encroachment, the applicant shall remove any structure that encroached into the public right-of-way, within 60 days, upon notification by the City. (T&ES) 83. All facilities, structures and materials in encroachments shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant, their successors and assigns, including capital and operating maintenance responsibilities. (RP&CA) 54

N. CONSTRUCTION: DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two 84. Submit a construction phasing plan to the satisfaction of the Director of T&ES, for review, approval and partial release of Erosion and Sediment Control for the final site plan. In addition, building and construction permits required for site preconstruction shall be permitted prior to release of the final site plan to the satisfaction of the Director of T&ES. If an interim traffic study determines that the portion of John Carlyle Street between Carlyle Plaza One and Carlyle Plaza Two is not needed to provide an adequate level of service, the street can be closed for construction of either office building. (T&ES) 85. The final site plan for each phase shall include an interim screening plan for the remainder of the site that will be developed in a later phase that is consistent with the Carlyle Plaza Design Guidelines. If a final site plan for the next phase has not been submitted prior to requesting a certificate of occupancy, the interim screening plan shall be implemented prior to issuance of the certificate of occupancy. (P&Z) 86. Submit a construction management plan for review and approval by the Directors of P&Z, T&ES and Code Administration prior to final site plan release of the first phase and updated for each subsequent phase. The plan shall: a. Include a plan for temporary pedestrian and vehicular circulation. During subsequent phases of construction, the plan shall strive to minimize conflicts between construction activities and pedestrian/vehicle traffic associated with previous phases of development; b. Include analysis as to whether temporary street lighting is needed on the site and how it is to be installed. c. Include the overall schedule for construction and the hauling route; d. Copies of the plan shall be posted in the construction trailer and given to each subcontractor before they commence work; e. If the plan is found to be violated during the course of construction, citations will be issued for each infraction and a correction notice will be forwarded to the applicant. If the violation is not corrected within five (5) calendar days, a “stop work order” will be issued, with construction halted until the violation has been corrected. (P&Z)(T&ES)(Code) 87. No construction workers shall park on public streets adjacent to the project. Off-street parking for all construction workers shall be provided without charge to the construction workers. For the construction workers who use Metro, DASH, or another form of mass transit to the site, the applicant shall subsidize a minimum of 50% of the fees for mass transit. Compliance with this condition shall be a component of the construction management plan, which shall be submitted to the Department of P&Z and T&ES prior to final site plan release. This plan shall: a. Establish the location of the parking to be provided at various stages of construction, how many spaces will be provided, how many construction workers will be assigned to the work site, and mechanisms which will be used to encourage the use of mass transit. The applicant shall provide verification of the 55

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