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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

64 DSUP # 2011-0031

64 DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two 142. Supply deliveries, loading, and unloading activities shall not occur between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am. (T&ES) X. AIR POLLUTION: 143. If fireplaces are utilized in the development, the Applicant is required to install gas fireplaces to reduce air pollution and odors. Animal screens must be installed on chimneys. (T&ES) 144. Kitchen equipment shall not be cleaned outside, nor shall any cooking residue be washed into any street, alley, or storm sewer. (T&ES) 145. Control odors and any other air pollution sources resulting from operations at the site and prevent them from leaving the property or becoming a nuisance to neighboring properties, as determined by the Director of Transportation and Environmental Services. (T&ES) Y. CONTRIBUTIONS: 146. Provide the following improvements as a contribution to the Eisenhower Open Space Fund: a. Design and construct the Circle-North Park b. Design and construct the Circle-South Park c. Improve the portion of Block 31 east of Holland Lane and Blocks 26 and 28 If construction of a building does not commence within three years of this approval, an additional contribution of $1,400,000 shall be required prior to certificate of occupancy of the last building. (P&Z)(RP&CA) 147. Prior to the first certificate of occupancy for the southern residential tower, dedicate the RPA land east of Holland Lane to the City of Alexandria. (RP&CA) 148. The applicant shall contribute $60,000 to the city prior to Final Site Plan release for either the north residential building or either office building (whichever is released first) to install a bike share station on their site frontage or directly across the street from the project as part of a coordinated bike share program. In the event a bike share station cannot be located along the site frontage, an alternate off-site location within a two block radius of the project may be selected. The bike share station shall be constructed within one year of the issuance of the last certificate of occupancy permit. In the event the City has not established a coordinated City bike share program that is either operating or scheduled to begin operation within one year of the last certificate of occupancy permit, the funds shall be used for transit infrastructure to serve the site. (T&ES) Z. DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS: 149. All condominium association covenants shall be reviewed by the Director of P&Z and the City Attorney to ensure inclusion of all the conditions of this DSUP prior to applying

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two for the first certificate of occupancy permit for the project. The association covenants shall include the conditions listed below, which shall be clearly expressed in a separate section of the covenants. The language shall establish and clearly explain that these conditions cannot be changed except by an amendment to this development special use permit approved by City Council. a. The principal use of the garage and parking spaces shall be for passenger vehicle parking only; storage which interferes with the use of a parking space for a motor vehicle is not permitted. b. The designated visitor parking spaces shall be reserved for the use of the guests. c. No more than two parking spaces shall be assigned to a specific condominium unit until all settlement on the units are complete; all unassigned spaces in the garage shall be made generally available to residents and/or visitors. d. All landscaping and open space areas within the development shall be maintained by the Homeowners’ and/or Condominium Owners’ Association. e. Exterior building improvements or changes by future residents shall require the approval of the City Council, as determined by the Director of P&Z. f. The specific language of the disclosure statement to be utilized shall be provided to the City for approval prior to release of any certificate of occupancy permit. (P&Z) 150. Notify prospective buyers, in its marketing materials and homeowner disclosure documents, that Holland Lane is a private street and that storm sewers located within the site are privately owned and maintained. (T&ES) 151. Notify prospective buyers, in its marketing materials and homeowner disclosure documents, that the Holland Lane is a private street with public access easement and shall not be maintained by the City of Alexandria; and that the sanitary and storm sewers located within the site are private and shall be maintained privately. (T&ES) 152. Present a disclosure statement to potential buyers, renters, and leasers disclosing the following to the satisfaction of the Director of P&Z and the City Attorney: a. That heavy industrial uses, Alexandria Renew wastewater treatment facility, public safety center (i.e. jail), Dominion Virginia Power high tension power lines and substation, the Capital Beltway, and contaminate soils are located within the immediate vicinity of the project, are permitted to continue indefinitely, and will generate truck traffic, including emanating odors, on the public streets surrounding the project. b. That Eisenhower Avenue is a major four-lane arterial and that future traffic is expected to increase significantly as development along Eisenhower Avenue continues. c. That additional development is planned for the blocks west of the site along Eisenhower Avenue.(P&Z)(T&ES) 65

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