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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two 3. Sheet C-4.04, proposed 8" fire line to the north residential tower: fire line shall not be installed under or inside (through) the parking garage. We suggest installing this fire line at north side of the tower (tap on 24" main on Eisenhower Ave). 4. Holland Lane bike/pedestrian trail: keep enough clearance (10 feet typical) between a pier foundation and a water line. AlexRenew Comments: AlexRenew has no comments. DASH Comments: These comments apply to the bus stop required to be installed in front of the office building approved by DSP 2006-0003. 1. Bus stop zone shall be provided on adjacent property between Hooffs Run Drive and John Carlyle Street. 2. Bus stop zone shall include an ADA compliant bus stop loading pad and shelter as specified by City of Alexandria. Bus stop loading pad shall be of sufficient length of no less than 25 feet to accommodate both front and rear doors of a 40 foot transit bus. 3. The bus stop loading zone shall be a minimum of 60 feet in length. It is recommended to locate bus stop near side to the intersection of John Carlyle Street and Eisenhower Avenue. 4. Bus stop shall include a standard U-Channel pole located at the far edge of bus stop loading pad, offset a minimum of 2 feet from the curb. 5. Bus stop shelter shall include power supply provision for later installation of Real Time Bus Information display hardware. 6. All landscaping and street frontage fixtures along Eisenhower Avenue frontage shall provide maximum vertical clearance possible beyond the curb. Buses with heights of up to 11’ 11” are anticipated to use curb lane on Eisenhower Avenue. 7. Bus shelter must be located so that bus operator in approaching traffic will have sufficient visual clearance to identify occupants in bus shelter and sufficient stopping distance to come to complete stop from full posted speed limit of Eisenhower Avenue. 74

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two Fire Department: F = Finding C = Code Requirement R = Recommendation F-1 The following comments are for preliminary 2 review only. Additional comments may be forthcoming once the applicant provides supplemental information for review. Please direct any questions to Maurice Jones at 703-746-4256 or Acknowledged by applicant. F-2 Plans should show location of all fire hydrants in and around site and fire department connections so that a determination can be made regarding the impact of construction and the ability of the fire department to provide a water supply. Acknowledged by applicant. C- 1 The developer shall provide a separate Fire Service Plan which illustrates: a) emergency ingress/egress routes to the site; b) two sufficiently remote fire department connections (FDC) to the building; c) all existing and proposed fire hydrants where fire hydrants are located between forty (40) and one hundred (100) feet of each FDC; d) on site fire hydrants spaced with a maximum distance of three hundred (300) feet between hydrants and the most remote point of vehicular access on site; e) emergency vehicle easements (EVE) around the building with a width of eighteen (18) feet (one way) and twenty-two (22) feet for two-way traffic; f) the location and size of the separate fire line for the building fire service connection and fire hydrants g) all Fire Service Plan elements are subject to the approval of the Fire Official. c) FDC on North Office Tower near main entrance is too far away from hydrant at corner of John Carlyle and Eisenhower. c) Hydrant located on East side of Holland Lane across from North Residential Tower shall be relocated to traffic island on East side of Building and shall maintain minimum 40 ft / maximum 100 ft distance from both FDC’s. c) Need additional hydrant on Holland Lane near Limerick – Since there is no FDC near this intersection and the water line can only be installed under the structure, which is not permitted per VAWC and City requirements, no hydrant will be required. C-2 The developer shall provide a building code analysis with the following building code data on the plan: a) use group; b) number of stories; c) type of construction; d) floor area per floor; e) fire protection plan. a) Provided by applicant b) Unknown at this time c) Provided by applicant d) Provided by applicant e) Provided by applicant in letter dated March 20, 2012 C- 3 There is considerable concern regarding adequate fire department access to these buildings. Since these buildings are over 50 feet in height, they are required to have 75

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