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master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

master plan amendment #2012-0001 - City of Alexandria

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two C-17 Toilet Rooms for Persons with Disabilities: (a) Water closet heights must comply with USBC 1109.2.2 (b) Door hardware must comply with USBC 1109.13 C-18 Toilet Facilities for Persons with Disabilities: Larger, detailed, dimensioned drawings are required to clarify space layout and mounting heights of affected accessories. Information on door hardware for the toilet stall is required (USBC 1109.2.2). C-19 If any atriums are in the design concept they shall comply with USBC 404 concerning automatic sprinkler protection; smoke control; and automatic fire detection. C-20 The public parking garage floor must comply with USBC 406.2.6. C-21 The developer shall submit information detailing how the Open Parking Structure meets the openness criteria per USBC 406.3. Response: Acknowledged Code Administration: Detailed information shall be provided at the time of submission for a building permit outlining percent openings in exterior walls per tier, total perimeter wall area per tier. C-22 The proposed building must comply with the requirements of HIGH-RISE buildings (USBC 403.1). C-23 The applicant shall comply with the applicable accessible signage requirements of USBC 1110. C-24 All Electrical wiring methods and other electrical requirements must comply with NFPA #70, 2008. C-25 Prior to the issuance of a demolition permit or land disturbance permit, a rodent abatement plan shall be submitted to Code Enforcement that will outline the steps that will be taken to prevent the spread of rodents from the construction site to the surrounding community and sewers. C-26 Sheeting and shoring shall not extend beyond the property line; except when the developer has obtained a written release from adjacent property owners which has been recorded in the land records; or through an approved encroachment process. C-27 Where a structure has been demolished or removed, the vacant lot shall be filled and maintained to the existing grade (USBC 3303.4). C-28 Service utility connections shall be discontinued and capped approved rules and (USBC 3303.6). C-29 All Fire Department Connections shall comply with the City of Alexandria Large Diameter Hose Policy and be no more than 100 ft. from the nearest hydrant. 80

DSUP # 2011-0031 Carlyle Plaza Two C-30 Careful consideration should be given in the event separate ownership should occur between the various buildings. Several items such as life safety system requirements for each building, interfacing of fire alarm systems between buildings, general maintenance requirements and evacuation planning will all need to be considered. C-31 Plans shall be supplied at the time of submission for a building permit indicating all occupancy loads, combined loads as well as direction of travel to the public way. Code Administration (4/2/12): Include in this data the occupancy load of the Plaza as well as direction of travel to the public way C-32 A fire service access elevator shall be provided in all building/buildings in accordance section 403.6.1 and meet the requirements of Sect. 3007 of the 2009 USBC. C-33 Advise, verify existing property-lines, appears parcels 2 through 8 on sheet C-11.01 are separate parcels. Fire walls (party walls) are not permitted to have openings (USBC). Either, (1) record, with the City of Alexandria Clerk of Courts, a "perpetual easement" stating the proposed fire wall (party wall) openings will be closed, to pre-opening condition, if any or all parcels are conveyed or sold, or (2) vacate the existing propertylines and provide an updated plat plan reflecting the consolidated parcels. Police R - 1. It is recommended that the section of the garage dedicated to the residents is gated off from the retail section and is controlled by electronic means. This should help alleviate unwanted persons tampering with resident’s vehicles and other crimes. R - 2. It is recommended that the doors in the garage (garage level only) leading into the stairwell have controlled electronic access. R - 3. Only residents with proper electronic access cards should be able to enter into the stairwells from the underground parking garage. This makes the stairwells safer for residents. R - 4. The controlled electronic access should not interfere with the emergency push-bar release located on the inside of the stairwell door that allows for emergency exit of the building. R - 5. The proposed shrubbery should have a natural growth height of no more than 2 ½ to 3 feet with a maximum height of 36 inches when it matures and should not hinder the unobstructed view of patrolling law enforcement vehicles. R - 6. It is recommended that the applicant choose a style bench that has an armrest in the middle of the bench to deter unwanted sleeping and skateboarding on the benches. R - 7. It is recommended that the buildings have an address number which is contrasting in color to the background, at least 3 inches high, reflective, and visible from the street 81

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