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From the desk of the Executive Director - The INCLEN Trust

From the desk of the Executive Director - The INCLEN Trust


INCLEN Executive Office Dr.. Narendra K. Arora. Executive Director Prof. Faruqueddin Ahmed Professor of Public Health Dr. Manoj Kumar Das Director Projects Stephanie Combs Sr. Finance Officer Dr.Vivek Gupta Sr. Program Officer Ms. Vaishali Deshmukh Program Officer Dr. Rupak Mukhopadhyay Program Officer Dr. Naorem Kiranmala Devi Research Officer Dr. Meenu Maheshwari Research Officer Dr. Rakesh Mehra Research Officer Mr. Akbar Khan Data Analyst Ms. Jasleen Kaur Executive Assistant cum Network co-ordinator Mr.Gulshan Kumar Sr. Administrative Officer Mr.Rakesh Singh Station Manager Mr.Indranil Das Sr.Account Executive Purva Rai Dwivedi Research Officer Dr. Devinder Sharma Asst. Research Officer Mr.Shahbaz Minhaj Research Assistant Mr. Mahboob Alam Research Assistant Mr. Mayur Vaswani Technical Manager Ms. Fathayya Siddiqui Research Assistant Ms. Sadhana Jain Librarian Ms. Neha Gupta PhD. Student Mr. Ramesh Tiwari Account Executive Mr. Morris Lall Asst. Ad. Officer Ms. Rajni Soni Research Assistant Mr. Sunil Sisodia Geospatial Analyst Mr. Arun Kumar Geospatial Analyst Mr. Subhash Kumar Web Master Mr. Harikant Ojha Server and Network Administrator Ms. Rachna Sharma Asst. Manager HR Ms. Leena Sumaraj Research Assistant Mr. Prashant Anand Data Entry Operator Mr. Amit Kumar Data Entry Operator Mr. Dalveer Singh Data Entry Operator Mr. Chandan Singh Office Supervisor Mr. Kamal Prasad Pandey Office Attendant Mr. Khemraj Pandey Driver Mr. Bablu House Keeping Attendant Mr. Rajender Kumar House Keeping Attendant 10

INCLEN Trust International Clinical Epidemiology Units (CEUs) and Clinical Epidemiology Research and Training Centers (CERTCs) INCLEN Trust International Mission/Vision F1/5, 2 nd Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi - 110020 India T: +91-11-47730000 F: +91-11-47730001 E: We are a unique global network of clinical epidemiologists, biostatisticians, health social scientists, health economists and other health professionals affiliated with key academic healthcare institutions." "We are dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged populations, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, by promoting equitable healthcare based on the best evidence of effectiveness and the efficient use of resources." "We achieve this by using the network to conduct collaborative, inter-disciplinary research on highpriority health problems, and to train future generations of leaders in healthcare research. " "To attain equity in health for development through essential research and training in global health and related disciplines." INCLEN seeks to build ‘Bridges’ between Clinicians, Public Health Researchers and Policy makers. 11

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