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Defence Focus: issue 267 February 2013 -

Defence Focus: issue 267 February 2013 -

wildcat wildcat Touches

wildcat wildcat Touches down The first Royal Navy Wildcat has taken to the skies marking a new era in british naval aviation 20 | www.GOV.UK/MOD | FEBRUARY 2013

Composite main and tail rotor blades The first Wildcat attack helicopter to be delivered to the Royal Navy flew its inaugural flight in January, marking a milestone in the project to replace the Lynx Mark 8. The new Wildcat has a more powerful engine, allowing it to be flown in extreme conditions all year round. It is also equipped with a more robust fuselage, a high-tech interactive display and a new radar system that provides 360-degree surveillance. The Wildcat HMA Mark 2 will carry Sting Ray torpedoes, a door-mounted, 0.5- inch heavy machine gun and new light and heavy variants of the future anti-surface guided weapon missiles. Expected to perform a range of tasks once it has entered service, the maritime Wildcat attack helicopter will be used in anti-surface warfare, force protection and counter-piracy. The platform will also be able to carry out an anti-submarine role. The Royal Navy will receive 28 maritime attack variant helicopters, which will begin operations across the globe from 2015. DF Wire strike protection Weapon carrier hard points Active dipping sonar Integrated defensive aids suite Integrated avionics and mission systems 2 x 1,321 shaft horsepower engines with heated exhausts OPERATIONAL ADVANTAGES Digital cockpit Flotation system n Proven ability to take off and land in extreme environments in hot and high conditions with excellent single engine performance 360° radar Large cockpit and cabin doors for easy access n Aircraft cleared to operate from -26°C to +50°C n Large crew doors for ease of access Engine exhaust infra-red suppression n Superior situational and mission awareness using large multi functional displays with a networkenabled mission system Main picture: LA(Phot) Gary Weatherston n Capable of carrying a range of armaments for a flexible response to each situation n Marinised aircraft optimised for operating from limited spaces on small vessels in high sea states n High end mission equipment including SAR / ISAR capable radar and electro-optical device Marinised, monolithic machined airframe components with high survivability Robust landing gear designed for shipborne operations Deck lock for shipborne operations Pictures: AgustaWestland FEBRUARY 2013 | ISSUE 267 | 21

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