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Water Conservation Plan- Approved by Cwcb - Arvada

Water Conservation Plan- Approved by Cwcb - Arvada

Table 10: Fixture and

Table 10: Fixture and Appliance Replacement Program Showerhead Replacement Assumptions: 3 gpm- rated flow 2 gpm- acutal flow 5.3 min/day 28.0 gpd per household* Estimated Water Savings With 2.5 gpm showerhead 4.7 gpd per household 1,702 gpy savings 340,400 gpy savings- 200 showerheads Faucet Replacement Assumptions: 2.75 gpm- rated flow 1.8 gpm- acutal flow 8.1 min/day 38.5 gpd per household Estimated Water Savings With 1.5 gpm faucet or aerator 17.8 gpd per household 6,504 gpy savings 1,300,800 gpy savings- 200 faucets Toilet Replacement Assumptions: 3.5 gpf 5.1 daily uses per person 47.1 gpd per household Estimated Water Savings With 1.28 gpf toilet 16,958 gpy savings 3,391,600 gpy savings- 200 toilets *Based on 2.64 average persons per household Source: Handbook of Water Use and Conservation (Amy Vickers, 2001) If all 200 participants take advantage of the plumbing upgrades provided by the City, we could save approximately 15.45 AF of water per year. 22

Landscape Efficiency The City of Arvada’s Land Development Code requires water wise landscaping standards. These standards are explained in the Regulations/ Ordinances section of this Plan. The City has an ongoing Xeriscape program which includes demonstration gardens and public education. A Xeriscape garden was installed several years ago at the Streets Department facility, and a large interactive demonstration garden will debut in 2010 at the Majestic View Nature Center. In 2004 the City funded a “This Old Yard” DVD to demonstrate ideas on how to retrofit existing yards into more water-efficient landscaping. Beginning in 2013, Arvada will be participating in the Garden-in-a-Box Xeriscape Program offered through the Center for Resource Conservation. Through this program, the City offers residents “plant-by-number” Xeriscape gardens along with the planting and care instructions. The gardens use half the water of typical landscapes, and will be offered to the residents at a discounted cost of $100 per garden. The city will be purchasing 375 gardens in 2013 at a cost of $12,000. For each garden that replaces turf, the water savings is estimated at 800 gallons per year. This program has proven very popular with the several local municipalities that have participated in recent years. In addition, reduced tap fees are offered for water-conserving landscaping. Owners and developers who request an irrigation meter are required to supply the City’s Utility department with maps and information detailing how much of the landscape/irrigation area will be sod (non-conserving landscape) and how much will be non-sod, such as mulch beds, shrubs, or trees (waterconserving landscape). The plans are reviewed, and the tap fees are then determined based on square footage of sod and non-sod areas. Current tap fees are 90 cents per square foot for sod, and 45 cents per square foot for non-sod. The reduced tap-fee program is listed in the City’s Water Tap Fee schedule which is posted on the City’s web page or available at City Hall. Tap fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. To estimate savings, the City of Arvada issued 63 irrigation taps from 2002 to 2006. The non-sod component was 332,220 square feet. Assuming non-sod areas needing 9 gallons per square foot per year and sod needing 18 gallons per square foot per year, the non-sod saved approximately 9.2 AF of water. 23

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