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Water Conservation Plan- Approved by Cwcb - Arvada

Water Conservation Plan- Approved by Cwcb - Arvada

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Section 1: Introduction Arvada’s History Definition of Terms Section 2: Profile of Existing Water System Water Sources and Delivery Water Billing and Rate Structure Section 3: Current Water Conservation Efforts City Efforts Public Education City Facilities Section 4: Water Use and Forecasted Demands Current Water Use Demand Forecast Section 5: Proposed Facilities Moffat Collection System Candelas Section 6: Conservation Goals Section 7: Identify Water Conservation Measures and Programs Section 8: Evaluation and Selection of Measures & Programs Water Efficient Fixtures and Appliances Landscape Efficiency Industrial and Commercial Efficiency Water Reuse Systems Distribution System Leak Detection and Repair Public Education and Information Dissemination Customer Water Use Audits Water Rates Structure and Billing Systems Regulations and Ordinances Rebates and Incentives Section 9: Monitoring, Evaluating, and Revising the Conservation Plan 2

List of Tables Table 1: Service Connections Table 2: Total Water Consumption Table 3: Water Consumption and Population by Sector Table 4: Non-Residential Water Use- Within City Table 5: Non-Residential Water Use- Outside City Table 6: Current Water Use Table 7: Preliminary Water Demand Forecast Table 8: Average-Day and Maximum-Day Demand Forecast Table 9: Water Conservation Measures and Programs Table 10: Fixture and Appliance Replacement Program Table 11: Previous Rebate Programs 3

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