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tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot

tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot

Puget Sound Region VCCA

Puget Sound Region VCCA The Puget Sound Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (PS-VCCA) is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, fun and enjoyment of vintage Chevrolets cars and trucks. Members are not required to own a Chevrolet. PS-VCCA chapter membership is open to all Chevrolet enthusiasts who are members of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA). All Chevys from 1911 through 1976 may be registered with the region. General meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at Tillicum Middle School in Bellevue (see below). Meetings in September through May are from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. June and August meetings are announced in this publication. No meetings in July or December. You can learn more about the club by visiting the web site. You can see color photos of previous tours, parts for sale, wanted, etc. and there is a link to view our Monthly Newsletter “Tappet Clatter.” You can find the PS-VCCA web site on the World Wide Web @ 2002 Officers of the Puget Sound Region Director Asst. Director Jim Darby Lee Folsom Secretary Treasurer Don Comstock Sallie Comstock Membership Historian Club Store John Strampher Ana Maria Haley Grace & Bill Wegener Editor Activities Jim Martoza Tom & Sharon Lauderback Eastbound on I-90: Take Exit 11B (148th Ave SE) Head north on 148th Ave SE Take a right (heading east) onto SE 16th St. Continue on SE 16th St. for about a mile. Turn left on 160th Ave SE. Tillicum Middle School's field will be on your right. Park anywhere at the school. Enter the cafeteria by the north doors. Please submit contributions for the Tappet Clatter by the 10th of the month. Thanks From other directions Find your way to the corner of 148th Ave SE and SE 16th St. in Bellevue. Head east on SE 16th St. at this intersection. Travel for about a mile. Turn left on 160th Ave SE. Tillicum Middle School's field will be on you right. Park anywhere at the school. Enter the cafeteria by the north doors. 2 TAPPET CLATTER Sept 2002 PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

Jim’s Journal This months meeting will be back in the school, summer sure seemed to end long before I was ready. We’ll be looking for suggestions on program ideas for upcoming meetings, so if you have any suggestions, please let Lee or myself know. Also have your glove box questions ready. That would be a good place to get all of those questions from summer car projects answered. For those who haven’t heard, Jim Farris had open heart surgery on August 28 th . I spoke with him this morning and he wanted everyone to know “He is on the mend!” He’s walking to get his wind back and is still unable to lift much, but is getting stronger and feeling better every day. He would like to thank everybody for the cards, emails, and thoughts and is looking forward to joining us on future events. A speedy recovery to you Jim…. It’s that time of year again to begin the process of planning for next year. Dues will be coming up next month and elections in November. If you are interested in becoming a club officer, please let me know. The strength of our club depends on members volunteering. I have enjoyed my time as your director the last two years, but our bylaws state I step aside and let someone else take over. Although many of our officers are willing to serve again, anyone wishing to run for any office should speak up and let us know. We’ll be taking nominations for the next couple of months and voting in November. No hanging CHADS I promise. See you next week Jim News regarding Jim Farris Sent via e-mail on 9/3/2002 Hi all, From some calls I've had, there seems to be some question or confusion about Jim's recent hospitalization. Thought I could get the correct story out to at least those of you with e-mail addresses !! Last Wednesday, Aug 28, Jim had open heart surgery --- a triple bypass. Over the past several months he had been having some "twinges" in his chest occasionally and also seemed more easily fatigued. He finally told his doctor. Sent him in for treadmill tests --- had 2 of them in fact, but things still not clear. So on the 21st he had an angiogram. They found 2 arteries with some clogging. There were signs that something more was amiss, but it wasn't clear. They decided to open his heart. Did it the 28th. Found the 2 partially clogged areas and bypassed them. Then had to dig deeper into heart tissue to find the main culprit, a totally plugged vessel. Doctor said it showed he had had a mild heart attack a couple of years ago. (Probably the night he thought he felt a chest pain and said it was indigestion!!) They used 2 mammary veins and one from the leg. With diabetics' circulation problems they aren't keen on using leg veins. He's now recovering slowly ---- learning to do things a whole new way so he doesn't rip apart those wires holding his sternum together!! Interesting to note that he never had high cholesterol and was very active physically. Apparently diabetics are prone to this blockage; and also some recent discoveries show that more than cholesterol can build up plaque in the arteries. (continued on page 10) Sept 2002 TAPPET CLATTER 3 PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

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