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tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot

tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot


CLUB STORE & RAFFLE The store is back from their summer vacation and resumes regular business hours at our September meeting. The store raffle items for the September meeting will be: 1) antifreeze ( timely Huh! ) 2) car wash mitt 3) automobile photo album. Once again a BIG THANK YOU to all who have donated items for the store raffle! Happy Motoring. Bill and Grace Video Library “Wanted” Steve Grissom would like to know who leant the video tape on the Henry Ford Museum to the Video Library so he can return the original to them. Please call him at 425-228-3670 and he will arrange to return your tape - Thanks October Celebrations ANNIVERSARIES! 12 Audrey & Richard Clyde 28 Ana Maria & George Haley BIRTHDAYS! 7 Roberta Martoza 10 Lila Jacobs 14 Carol Folsom 15 Martha Wilson 30 Sharon Lauderback 25 Mike Currie 27 George Haley 29 Jerry Brownell 31 Jon Hartog 4 TAPPET CLATTER Sept 2002 PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

PUGET SOUND REGION OF THE VINTAGE CHEVROLET CLUB OF AMERICA 2003 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL NAME: _______________________________ SPOUSE: ________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________ CITY: ________________ STATE ______ ZIP CODE: ____________ TELEPHONE: (____) _____________ V.C.C.A. MEMBERSHIP NO: ________ CELL PHONE: (____) ___________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: __________________ LIST ONLY VINTAGE CHEVROLETS OWNED 1911-1977 YEAR MODEL/BODY STYLE CONDITION USE FOR TOURS CONDITION 1 = EXCELLENT USE: M = MOVIES 2 = ABOVE AVERAGE 3 = AVERAGE 4 = FAIR 5 = POOR OR PARTS CAR P = PARADES S = SHOWS (BLANK) = NO THANKS MAIL MEMBERSHIP FORM TO: JOHN STRAMPHER FOR INFO: (206) 246-1199 OPTIONAL): NO CHANGE______ Birthdays:________________ _________________ Anniversary: __________________ Annual Membership Fee Is $20.00 Per Year. Membership is from October to September PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: "PUGET SOUND REGION OF V.C.C.A." NOTE: ALLREGIONALMEMBERSMUSTBENATIONALV.C.C.A. MEMBERS PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

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