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tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot

tc sep 2002 pdf - Doubleknot

Club Meetings & Auto

Club Meetings & Auto Events Calendar for 2002 Sept. 10th Annual Woodstack Festival Show & Shine Downtown Duvall 21 Registration fee required Hours 10am - 5pm For more info call 425- 788-2939 22 3rd Classy Chassis Car Show, Sumner WA Info: 253-862-7375 22 Triple XXX Harley Davidson Show, Issaquah WA Info: 425-392-1266 22 Freddie's Casino Show & Shine, Fife WA Info: 253-691-0111 23 General Meeting: At Tillicum @7:30 PM. Map & directions on page 2. See cover page for details. 28 Concourse Open Car Show, Goldendale WA Info: 800-573-3730 29 Snohomish Classic Car & Hot Rod Display Downtown Snohomish 360-568- 2526 Oct. NSRA Golden State Street Rod Nationals, Sacramento CA Info: 901-452- 4-6 4030 5 Vintiques Un-Run, Yakima WA Info: 509-248-9582 5 October Hunt Swap Meet, Arlington WA Info: 360-435-3466 6 27th Oregon Harvest Swap Meet, Canby OR Info: 503-760-1043 12-13 34th Monroe Swap Meet, Monroe WA Info: 360-366-0188 Hours: Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm Sunday 8:00am - 3:00pm Admission fee and Parking fee required 360-366-0188 19-20 Collector Car Show & Auction, Abbotsford, BC Canada Info: 604-514-2277 19-20 NW Collectors Car Show & Swap Meet, Portland OR Info: 503-236-4554 28 General Meeting: At Tillicum @7:30 PM. Map & directions on page 2. On Sept. 21 from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm the North Cascade Region is showing cars at Bethany at Silver Lake where Merlene Myers is being cared for. Is there any chance that Puget Sound could participate? Note: This was sent via e-mail from Jim Farris, who received it via e-mail from Dave Kosche. September Meeting Program Topic: Autumn is near. Let’s review some of the activities and events that occurred during the summer. Members can also share any projects that they may have worked on over the summer months. Also, would you like to receive your newsletter via e-mail? Do you read it on the web? Currently, 34 members have active e-mail addresses. What do you think about of sending the newsletter to members other than via regular mail? 8 TAPPET CLATTER Sept 2002 PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

Glenn & Judy Landguth’s 1957 Lizzy Part Two Furthermore, as the trip progressed, the engine started running rougher and rougher. I started putting additives in the gas, and pouring cleaners down the carburetor every time we stopped for gas. It seemed to help at first, but as the next stop approached, the problem was again getting worse. But we finally arrived in North Highlands, north of Sacramento, and checked into a motel. I checked into the base, and we soon found a nearby apartment to rent. I nursed the car along for a couple of years, trying to maintain the paint and repair small rust spots that had started to appear. The engine problem got worse. I finally suspected a problem with the lifters. I wasn't supposed to work on the car at the apartment parking lot, but tried to get away with it anyway. One night I found myself with the valve covers off, flashlight in hand, and trying to disassemble frozen lifters. When I first removed the valve covers, the valve springs, rocker arms, and valve covers were packed with heavy sludge. I could barely see any parts until I started digging away the sludge with my bare hand, with screwdrivers, a putty knife, small paint brushes, and paint thinner. The lifters would not come apart. I soaked them in carburetor cleaner, tapped them, and worked them, until they finally came apart. The night wore on. As the sun started to come up, I was just finally putting everything back together. The car started. With oil splashing everywhere, I adjusted the rocker arm until they were quiet. Replacing the valve covers and wiping up the oil, I could finally see what I had done. The apartment lawn where I had been working on the lifters was covered with oil. The apartment manager later told me not to work on my car there again. I assured her that the grass would grow back, that I had seen grass in far worse condition grow back at home. She said, "But you are not at home any more." For the first time, I really felt a long way from home. The car ran better for awhile, but soon started running rougher again. I managed to do a quick carburetor replacement in a vacant lot next to the apartment. I bought the rebuilt carburetor at Sears. Again it helped, but didn't solve the problem. We were expecting our first child and needed more room than the apartment afforded. We rented a house nearby the base. The house had a garage. With the car in the garage, I again did the lifter routine. The lifters were again frozen, but not as bad. Not much sludge either. Again it ran better for awhile. I did the lifter job a third time. I was getting really fast at it. But cleaning the lifters was getting old. After the third time, I decided that there might be something else wrong. A compression check showed some discrepancies. This time I went to the McClellan Air Force base garage, which was available for use to base personnel. I decided to do another valve job. From the sludge condition found under the valve covers a year earlier, I decided that the Chevrolet dealer had probably not actually done the complete valve job nearly three years earlier. They had just done the part where they make out a bill and collect money. While grinding the valve seat in the head, I found a crack in the head. I purchased a pair of matched heads. I had quit a bit of trouble getting the exhaust manifold installed on the new heads. Afterward, the engine seemed quite loud. I may have gotten the gasket on wrong. I don’t know. I just know the engine still ran rough, and that by this time I ready for some professional help. I took the car to a local engine re-builder. They offered to install a rebuilt engine and overhaul the transmission, which was by this time shifting hard (we called it clunking), for what seemed a good price. I went for it. It was supposed to be the same kind of engine. We took the new engine on a trip from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe to help break it in. Judy was very pregnant, and also had a bad case of cabin fever. It was a beautiful trip, but I don't think I would take a new engine (or a pregnant wife) on a trip like that again. I would get some local miles on it (the car) before I would trust it on that kind of trip. Shortly after getting the car back with the new engine, it started running rough. I removed the valve covers and found that one of the valves was not aligned with the rocker arm, and was binding from being pushed sideways. I complained to the re-builder that the heads were defective, and that I wanted a new pair of matched heads. The re-builder agreed. This seemed to solve the valve problem, but the engine still ran rough. The re-builder explained that the new engine was a later model year than my original engine, and really should have an upgraded carburetor to match. They offered me a really good deal on a 1960 model year carburetor. I took it. The new carburetor had no vacuum port for the distributor and required a hollow carburetor mounting stud to provide a vacuum port. This seemed to change the idle speed, but it ran better, and I accepted the difference as necessary. (to be continued) Sept 2002 TAPPET CLATTER 9 PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version

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