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ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf

ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf


INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS out formal assessments. For example, a student may both solve a puzzle involving math concepts on the interactive whiteboard and later demonstrate his or her knowledge on a test delivered via the classroom response system. Some classroom response software can organize and develop activities and tests aligned with State standards. • Wireless tablets A wireless tablet enables teachers to remotely control interactive whiteboards. Most interactive whiteboards vendors offer wireless tablets. • The I-Visualize The I-Visualize is a camera that projects everything that lies underneath. It can project all non digital content like books, pictures, insects, etc. Which interactive whiteboard to choose In The Netherlands, most schools have chosen Activboard. This electromagnetic board has a solid surface, is child proof and is operated using a special pen. In England, the majority of schools have opted for Smartboard. The pressure sensitive screen has a soft surface and reacts to every touch. However, large touch sensitive LCD screens may very well become tomorrow’s choice. Only very few schools use wireless tablets. Visualizers are often used in colleges. The majority of schools that have purchased interactive whiteboards often just use the presentation capabilities of interactive whiteboards. Research of the University of Nijmegen differentiate two stages of interactive teaching In the fi rst phase, classroom instructions are enriched with fi lms, internet content, pictures from different sources, etc. In this phase, 50 ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012

INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS the interactive whiteboard itself is not used very often. A computer and a beamer will enable teachers to enrich lessons, include multi media and multi sources. Google Bodyscan can be used for biography lessons, geography will benefi t of Google Earth, films can be shown and web sites can be included in class room instructions. When traditional whiteboard are used, comments can be added as well. Compared to the more traditional class room setting, a beamer and a PC will be very useful tools to enrich lessons. The interactive whiteboard itself is an intelligent input device. Using an IWB will enable the teachers to control the PC, store comments and add the interactive experience to the class room. However, if funding is not adequate, or if teachers are not very IT aware, using a computer and a projector will be a very good fi rst step. ■ Sources Reports Een onderzoek naar de inzet van digitale schoolborden: Marion Agterberg en Per Theeuwes (2007). Meerwaarde van het digitale schoolbord: Kennisnet (2010). Haal meer uit het digitale schoolbord: Lynn Voogt, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (2009). The interactive Whiteboard as a Force for Pedagogic Change: The Experience of Five Elemantary Schools in an English Education Authority: Miller, David & Glover, Derek (2002). Web sites ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012 51

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