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ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf

ESHA Magazine April 2012.pdf


N E W T E C H N O L O G Y Mobile Devices: The Learning Disconnect BY ROB STOKOE 52 ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012

MOBILE DEVICES: THE LEARNING DISCONNECT Today there are about 35 billion devices connected to the Internet, soon, there will be so many that we’ll stop counting. (Eric Schmidt, Google) Mobile is the technology which has promised so much for so long now, effectively this is the technology which has cried wolf for over 15 years. The long wait is now over, today things are moving quickly, so much so that we now effectively have a LEARNING DISCONNECT. This is when a student says: “Every time I go to school I have to power down” This just doesn’t add up for us as educators. On a daily basis we acknowledge, encourage and celebrate the fact that our students learn in different ways. Students, even the very youngest are arriving at our doors with higher levels of digital skills, able to access, communicate and collaborate, accessing the net, their learning patterns are not fi xed by history, time or place. We need to connect with these skills and attitudes, with what they can do, accepting them as multi-tasking, connected, collaborative, 21st century learners. To be successful we will need to weave digital learning opportunities into the fabric of our curriculum until they are regarded as ordinary. We‘ve had computers in schools for nearly thirty years, success and growth have never really matched the promise and potential of these technologies. Many teachers have struggled to come to terms with ever changing technologies, the majority have continuously identifi ed opportunity and challenge although all too often individuals and schools were working in isolation or in small interest groups. The internet came along and things got a lot closer. Originally the internet was more of an activity, however this context has been turned on its head. Free platforms and low cost components have created a perfect storm, a storm which is fuelling rapid change, and a lot of disruption. This revolution in technology has transformed the way we can find each other, interact, and collaborate to create knowledge. ESHA MAGAZINE APRIL 2012 53

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