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Browse the PBC Chiso store online for a wide variety of Tibetan Buddhist ritual items and Dharma treasures, including over 25 books by the Khenpo Rinpoches, 65 Dharma Samudra prayer books, hand-crafted statues from Nepal, thangkas, malas, unique jewelry from around the world, and more! VajrapaNi DzogcheN DharMapalas aMitayus New DharMa robes Maitreya 6 Pema Mandala | SPRING/SUMMER 2013 2014 ViSiT The PBC Pemai ChiSo DhaRma SToRe oNliNe: (607) 865-8068 •

all PRoCeeDS SuPPoRT PBC DhaRma aCTiViTieS! - education and daily needs of the PBC nuns and monks in Sarnath, india - PSl Shantarakshita library archives of Khenpo Rinpoches’ teachings since 1982 - PBC Publications - Commissioning statues and ritual objects for PSl and Sarnath monastery & Nunnery ThaNKS foR youR geNeRouS SuPPoRT! SPRING/SUMMER 2014 | Pema Mandala 7

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Ligmincha Europe Magazine # 2 – Autumn 2011
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View full issue in PDF - The Mindfulness Bell
View full issue in PDF - The Mindfulness Bell
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