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AJ exclusive Food - MEP Instruments

AJ exclusive Food - MEP Instruments


AJ exclusive Food 2/5 Did you know about the Zeiss history behind Analytik Jena? Analytik Jena is built on the solid tradition of Carl Zeiss optical technology. Our history is based on the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss over 150 years ago. The Zeiss history in optical spectroscopy is also the history of Analytik Jena instruments. If you want to read more about our history please click here ä Today Analytik Jena AG is one of the strongly expanding and most innovative German companies. We have excellent competencies in the fields of optical spectroscopy, sum parameter and elemental analysis. We develop and manufacture instruments for: • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) • High-Resolution Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (HR-CS AAS) • Mercury analysis • UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy • TOC/TN b analysis, AOX/EOX/TOX/POX analysis • C/N/S/Cl elemental analysis • Determination of the antioxidant capacity The first flame AAS, AAS 1 by Carl Zeiss Jena Please have a look at our product guide to get a picture of our advanced technology and high performance instrumentation for most diverse analytical tasks. For more information please click on the picture. + + + + Analytical Instrumentation + + + +

AJ exclusive Food Product highlights in food analysis 3/5 Analysis of heavy metals using HR-CS AAS and AFS technology Monitoring of heavy metals in food plays a crucial role for the consumer health safety, being strictly accomplished by food manufacturers and processors, as well as by official authority laboratories. Many heavy metals as copper, zinc or manganese are essential trace elements and important for the basic body functions. However, higher doses of heavy metals have toxic effects on organisms. Especially metals like cadmium, lead or mercury can cause serious damages to health. Those metals accumulate in the human organism, for example in bones, kidneys or the liver because they are only slowly eliminated from the body. The half-life period of these elements in the human body can be 20 years or more. This bioaccumulation leads to the damage of organs, bones, the immune system and the central nervous system. user. Mercury analysis can be carried out using dedicated analyzers like: “mercur” from Analytik Jena, an instrument specially designed for this purpose, which offers detection limits down to 0.1ng/L. Monitoring of these elements is done using diverse detection methods, amongst which atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and atomic fluorescence spectrometry (AFS) continue to play the reference role in routine analysis. The high-resolution continuum source AAS contrAA ® supports fast, simple and efficient analysis of heavy metals thanks to its technological advanced concept. The single light source and special background correction methods allow fast sequential and simultaneous measurements of various elements. The combination of the contrAA ® instruments for graphite furnace analysis and the direct solid sampling technique (solid AA ® ) offers even more comfortable analyzing conditions to the You wfill find more information about contrAA ® and mercur in our brochures: contrAA ® series mercur The following application notes describe methods for the determination of selected heavy metals in food and beverages. Acquaint yourself with insights about these methods, by ordering the respective application note. Determination of Cd and Pb in rice * Determination of Cu, Mn in milk powder * Determination of Pb, Cd and Cu in plant digestion * + + + + Analytical Instrumentation + + + +

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