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AJ exclusive Food Product highlights in food analysis 4/5 Food monitoring and quality control using UV/Vis spectroscopy In food industries UV/Vis spectroscopy is applied for the qualification and quantification of ingredients or product characteristics. Ascorbic acid or citric acid, ethanol, sulfite, nitrate, mono- and polysaccharides as glucose, lactose, sucrose or starch, sugar substitutes and humectants as sorbitol and xylitol for example are analyzed with the aid of enzymatic reactions. Characteristic properties as the color of wine or juice are determined via Vis spectra. Most of the substances and properties determined with UV/Vis spectroscopy are not only relevant for a good taste and appearance of the product but they also influence their quality significantly – just think of the content of tocopherol in edible oils or the use of xylitol. Read more about UV/Vis spectroscopy in food analysis in our flyer Special information about the field of beer and brewing industries you will find in our flyer about brewery analysis The UV/Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD ® PLUS offers the right solution for numerous applications in routine analysis or for special applications in food industries. It appeals to the user because of highest precision and absolute reliability and it guarantees flexible and efficient operation thanks to its comprehensive accessories. For more information about the SPECORD ® PLUS please have a look at our brochure Publication/User article Enzymes – Biological Catalysts in Food Analysis Author: Alexandra Kästner, Analytik Jena AG Enzymatic methods offer significant benefits compared to the chemical processes when examining countless materials such as food, biological samples and many others. They are used in different areas of the industry, research and official monitoring. In food chemistry, enzymatic processes are used to evaluate foods. Ingredients, such as sugar, acids and their salts, alcohol or other substances, can quickly be determined quantitatively even from complex matrices by performing the relevant sample preparation. Furthermore measurements of the activity of certain enzymes give an indication of microbial pollution or can be used to test a sufficient heating of foods during pasteurization or sterilization processes because of their sensitivity to heat […] To read more, please click here + + + + Analytical Instrumentation + + + +

AJ exclusive Food Publication/User article 5/5 Detection of mercury in foodstuffs – TOPwave and mercur – a strong duo for reliable analysis Author: Oliver Büttel, Analytik Jena AG; Published: Laborpraxis, 08/2011 […] The detection of mercury in foodstuffs is usually carried out by wet chemical digestion using atomic absorption or fluorescence spectrometry. The difficulty, on the one hand, consists of the loss-free digestion of the sample material. Losses frequently occur due to vaporization at higher digestion temperatures. A complete digestion is inevitable to make sure that methyl or ethyl compounds are not changed into more volatile organic chlorine compounds during digestion. [...] The information below is to demonstrate that mercury from food samples can be analyzed reproducibly and with sufficient accuracy for many years by way of microwave digestion using isostatic pressed TFM TM PTFE pressure vessels. The impressive service life of the vessels considerably reduces the operating costs of the system; the easy handling prevents errors and simplifies the daily laboratory routine. To read more, please click here Application notes and publications in food analysis Application notes AAS: Determination of Na in cookies AAS: Determination of P in animal food AAS: Determination of Cr and Se in dried yeast PCL: Determination of water (ACW) soluble antioxidative capacity in food additives UV/Vis: Photometric methods in beer analysis UV/Vis: Color density and tint of red, white and rosé wines EA: Determination of sulfur in wine and related matrices For more application notes please click here: application notes 1 Publications: Determination of silver in ice cream – food monitoring with direct solid sampling HR-CS AAS , Oliver Büttel, ILM 01/10 Determination of sulfur forms in wine including free and total sulfur dioxide based on molecular absorption of carbon monosulfide in the air– acetylene flame , Mao Dong Huang, Helmut Becker-Ross and others, Anal Bioanal Chem (2008) Antioxidants in baby food , Anja Jungnickel, Maria Funke, GIT 06/08 For more publications please click here: publications 1 Are you interested in discussing specific tasks with our application specialists? Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: Dr. Carmen Geissen Phone: +49 (0) 36 41/77-71 70 E-mail: Analytik Jena AG Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 Phone +49 (0) 36 41/77-70 www. 07745 Jena/Germany Fax +49 (0) 36 41/77-92 79 + + + + Analytical Instrumentation + + + + 4/4

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