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CS 120 Course Syllabus - Computer Science

CS 120 Course Syllabus - Computer Science


CS 120 Course Info Course Methodology CS120 meets four days per week. These class meetings will utilize a variety of professor lectures, interactive software development/evaluation exercises, discussion and examinations. The Significance of CS120 This course is the first of what might be considered a 4-course sequence in how to develop computer software. (The follow-on courses are CS220, CS340, and CS341.) As such, CS120 serves a dual role: (1) to convey key software development (programming) skills and (2) to lay the foundation for future study in computer science. Successful completion of CS120 equips the student to write small scale (under 500 line programs) Java applications, as well as acclimate to fundamental computer science terminology, notational techniques and approaches to problem solving. Responsibilities ...of the professor • to be prepared for each class meeting • to present material in ways that are clear, informative and relevant • to provide appropriate answers to student questions • to be available during office hours and other times by appointment • to write the textbook for this class • to write and administer examinations to evaluate mastery of the material • to assign programming projects that challenge and educate • to be prepared for each class meeting • to attend class meetings, be attentive and participate properly • to raise questions whenever the material is unclear • to read the first twelve chapters of the textbook • to prepare for and work responsibly on examinations • to work diligently and complete programming projects • to become knowledgeable regarding objectoriented software development and Java • to be knowledgeable regarding object-oriented software development and Java ...of the student

CS 120 Assessment Assessment of Learning Two regular exams ........................................................ 20% each Friday Programming Checks ........................................ 15% total Final Exam (cumulative) ............................................... 30% Programming Assignments ........................................... 15% Programming Assignments Out of class programming assignments are essential in learning CS120 material. Programming assignments will be distributed regularly throughout the semester, always with a point value and always with a due date. You are expected to submit your solution by the due date and in complete working order. Assignment scores are determined by the quality of the work with penalties for missed deadlines. Assignments not be complete by finals week will negatively impact the course grade. Unless you are told otherwise, every student is expected to write his/her own software; shared projects or software copied from elsewhere is unacceptable. If you get stuck on a programming project, then seek help from your professor. Friday Programming Checks Unless announced otherwise, each Friday a programming check (FPC) will be administered in class. These checks are intended to assess students' ability to develop programs, especially using techniques presented during the prior week. Campus Disability Policy Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, or hearing) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the instructor and the Disability Resource Services Office (165 Murphy Library) at the beginning of the semester. Students who are currently using Disability Resource Services will have a copy of a contract that verifies they are qualified students with disabilities who have documentation on file in the Disability Resource Service Office.

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