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Pilot - Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Pilot - Wisconsin Lutheran High School


School News 2 The WLHS Pilot May 2013 School Renovations The Gifted For Praise project has the goal of building an addition to the Wisco facility. By Tori Bonack For 25 weeks during homeroom, students brought in money for school renovations. Most students know that this summer air conditioning is being added to the classrooms in the south wing (language and theology hallway). Renovations will also be taking place in the band room. There are also additional improvements scheduled for spring 2014 that will hopefully be completed by 2015. The school will be building new choral rooms, Project Lead the Way classrooms (a preengineering program that prepares engineers for college), FACE classrooms, and an atrium. (The atrium is the waiting area for students waiting to be picked up.) So far 3.8 million dollars has been raised, but the goal is 6 million. After the science wing was built in 1998, school leaders started to think about the next stage. Two years ago they started developing the plans for this new project. During the planning process, they surveyed parents, teachers, pastors, and focus groups from congregations. They also solicited opinions from those who already provide financial gifts to Wisco. The majority of those surveyed said, “Yes, go ahead with these plans.” Along with Gifted for Praise (the capital campaign to improve the Wisco building), donations from people and churches will help raise the 6 million dollars. Another way they are raising money is to partner with churches who are also in building renovation projects. Wisconsin Lutheran High School has a consultant that they share with congregations who want to build or renovate churches and schools. The congregations divide into clusters (depending on when or what they want to build or renovate.) When the congregations raise money for their own projects, they keep 80% and give 20% to WLHS for lending the consultant. The cluster last fall raised about $500,000. These improvement projects are very important because of the need people have for the changes planned. Right now, what we have is considered “good”, but as Mr. Bilitz says, “the goal is to reach excellence--to be the best that we can be.” Because of this reach for excellence, many improvements are planned. An artist’s rendering of the proposed atrium for the front of the building. The band room will be remodeled and updated. Lowering the ceilings and treating the walls will give it better acoustics. This will make it easier for the band to hear themselves play. Also, the band room is getting new lockers for their instruments and more storage. This new addition will allow the practice rooms to actually be used for practicing. (Right now they are often used for storage.) Eventually in 2014 the current print shop area will be remodeled and will become storage for the band. In the spring of 2014 the school plans on adding a new choral room. This room will be larger, have better acoustics, and will allow the use of more technology. There will be a music classroom for academic music classes such as music theory and church music, so that students will have work space to take notes and tests. Additionally, there will be room for extra-curricular groups such as the grade school band and children’s choir to practice. The music teachers are also hoping for a music lab that will be used for composing music, teaching music theory, and ear-training. Mrs. Flanagan says that she is hoping for a class where group piano, group guitar, or sound mixing can be taught. This would be a class that combines music with technology, which can be done with music arranging programs like Garage Band or Logic. More additions will be storage for the risers, sound shells, and a freight elevator for transporting heavy musical instruments. Also, the engineering program, Project Lead the Way, will be moved to the first floor addition. This will open up another room for art classes. There will also be two drawing rooms, which allows the art department to have easels and will give them space to teach classes such as digital photography. All these projects have been done so that our school, Wisconsin Lutheran High School, can be at its best for current and future students. EDITORS Andrew Hahm Editor-in-Chief Andrew Scott Managing Editor Rex Berendt Layout Editor Zachary Lukasik Layout Editor Kieria Murphy Feature Editor Victoria Bonack Photography Editor Grant Fugate Feature Editor

May 2013 The WLHS Pilot 3 Summer Fun Summer is long, so here are some fun things to around Milwaukee over vacation. School News By Amber Perez and Tori Bonack Sometimes we wish for something, only to realize that it wasn’t what we really wanted. Right now many of us are tired of the projects and papers, and we are looking forward to summer vacation; however, how long will it be before we are bored? Here are some ideas to cure summer boredom. Whether you have cash to spend or not, you can find things to do this summer. Go to http:// od/artsentertainment/qt/ CountyFreeDays.htm for a list of free days at Milwaukee County attractions. Even more economical are things that you can do right in your home. Take a pet on a walk, bake a cake, or play a board game. You might also consider learning something new--teach yourself to juggle, knit, or do origami. Look on the internet for help in how to learn these things on your own. If you are looking to get outside, then consider going to a park. Many Milwaukee County Parks and beaches are free. Take a frisbee or a kite down to the lakefront. Lay on the beach and enjoy a good book. As the weather gets hotter, the extra bonus is that it is cooler on the lakefront. Another way to cool off is by spending the day at Cool Waters in Greenfield--only $6.75 for the day. Or, since nighttime tends to have lower temps, consider going to a Milwaukee County Golf Course for Nite-Glow Golfing. ($15.00 or $10.50 depending on if you bring your own golf ball or not). This happens at night with lighted flags and glow-in-the-dark golf balls. If you are in Waukesha County, a year-long parks pass is only $28 which gets your whole car load in for the whole year. There are a lot of great trails and beaches at parks like Minooka or Fox Brook. Another great place to visit during the summer is the Milwaukee County Zoo. During the summer months, the Zoo offers many special events like the A collage of some of Milwaukee’s attractions. (Photo courtesy of Sting Ray and Shark Bay, a hands-on exhibit that costs $2.50 per person. To help with cost, you could go to the zoo on Father’s Day--all dads are admitted free. There are also other days throughout the year that the zoo offers free admission. Zoo admission varies depending on if you are a Milwaukee County resident ($9.50- $12.50) or a Non- Milwaukee County resident ($11.25-$14.25). Another option is to buy a Zoo Pass which will pay for itself within two visits according to A good place for a person to go if they like to learn about some of the history in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum (WBHSM) located at 2620 W. Center St. The museum holds many exhibits including Work’n in the Promise Land which tells about the African American labor experience. The NAACP Civil Rights Tour Bus tells about some of the local and national civil rights pioneers who rode it. This is an inexpensive place to go, because general admission is only $5.00. The perfect place to solve a good murder mystery is at The Murder Mystery Company, and the mystery parties occur at the American Serb Hall. The Murder Mystery Company hosts parties that are like a giant game where your table has to solve the mystery of who was the murderer. Guests can participate by being a character and dressing up, and everyone is a suspect to be the murderer. One of the popular murder scenarios that is going on now is Death at the Doo Wop. This mystery dinner takes place in the 1950s. The scene is set before the royal couple can have their last dance, a murder takes place. This is an exciting and fun place to go in the summer. For $15 participants receive a three course meal and a good mystery--not a bad price for all that food and fun. So this year when summer comes, do not just sit in the house and sit in front of the TV. Instead, learn something new or explore some local fun vacation spots. CLASS OF 2013 A H A B A B B A T M I A R B S U M A M I K O R E A N A N O D I E D H A N G O A T S A R A H E P I C S T I T S I P A D B A R T E L L A U R I A H R E P O S E R I C U H E R H O W I E B R E M B E R G E R A R C R I D A O L E R R R E I N A N U M E T S H A WN A A B B O T T N A T E C A I R N S T D A O R E L E A H B L A B I P A L O N E W R E N D O N E N R O B E G R E G S T R O M M E N C R A N I A R E D O D S P E L S T O A W E A L E X B A N S E M E R E L A I N A E N G E N S T E A L I N T O K E N S R A R Y E A A R O N F R E Y T R O J A N O N E R T H O R N A S L A N E L F A V I A C N E H A N N A H M I D T H U N A R S H A R E L I P D E N Y E E R O S R O N A L D D E E D S Y E A J U S T I N K I T Z M A N K E L L E Y G U N A B R A M U N L O A D U P T O I E S S S B E E S O D A E N S A U S T I N F I S C H E R C I A O L A I N O R P I N O T L A D L E O M N I E N D U R E M A N D Y F R E Y D A M M T V E A S E L S A N O O K S J E S S E B I V E N S E L I S H A B O N A C K M A R R O S I T P O S M O O R A E N E A S J A C O B R O E C K E R C E M E N T P O W S C A T B A R O N F A W E E K A R I A T S A I H S L A R R Y M O O R E T Y L E R N E U B E R G Y E N E E T O L E O E D O O E R C C S B A N B R E T T Z E M P L I N S K I J O H N J A N G T A L O N T R I P E A P E R T I L E F I D O O D O R O N I O N K E E P S P E S O O C A A B E L G E N E O M E G A O R N O T S E A M R E M B E S S S N O W

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