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Newsletter 7 - December 2007 - Lochaber High School

Newsletter 7 - December 2007 - Lochaber High School

Scottish Trials Champion

Scottish Trials Champion After an arduous year, S4 pupil Allan MacMaster travelled to Dunfermline on November 25 th to pick up his third Scottish Trials Championship winners award in four years. He was Youth C class winner in 2004, 3 rd in Youth B class in 2005 and Youth B class winner in 2006. With permission from the SACU (the sports governing body in Scotland) Allan upgraded one year early to become the Youth A class winner in this year. Allan – who is a member of the Lochaber & District Motor-Cycle Club – has, over the past two years, travelled over 40,000 miles to places as far away as the Isle of Wight, Kent, Devon, Surrey, South Wales and anywhere in between to contest the British Youth B Championship and other major youth events. In 2006 he was placed 16 th and this year was an ever present top-ten finisher, which included two 4 th places and 7 th overall. A higher place may have been achieved if he hadn’t missed some rounds due to fixture clashes with the Scottish Championship rounds. In late August Allan took 2 nd place at YMSA Michelin 3-day, but his 20 time penalties on the Sunday cost him first place and a chance of his first win in the South. This year he also won the best school person at the Loch Lomond 2-day trial and had many other class wins throughout the season. However, there will be no time to reflect on past achievements as it all begins again on February 3 rd with the Youth A British Championship at Scarborough and the Scottish Youth A on 2 nd March at Dunduff. Good luck to Allan for another long, hard and – we hope – successful season. The Perfect Christmas Present Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up! 2008 Calendars are available from Lochaber High School. If you are looking for that all important Christmas gift, then look no further. These ‘one-off’ calendars cover a variety of school events undertaken by pupils during 2007. S2 Enterprise Group ‘Over the Top’ has produced the calendars so they could put their business skills into practice. The calendars will be sold at the reasonable price of £5 each and there will be discounts for multiple purchases. Profits at the end of the project will go to charity. This is a unique opportunity to purchase your calendar for 2008 – as well as being a keep-sake of events in 2007. Calendars will be on sale from the first week in December and can be purchased directly from pupils and will also be on sale during social events in the school in the lead up to Christmas. These limited edition Calendars will not be around for long – so hurry up and buy while stocks last !!!! Marie-Ann Cameron 2R Hairdresser Shanna Kennedy, 3R has taken second prize in a competition for pupils participating in the Vocational Pathways Hairdressing course at Inverness College in Lochaber. The competition was held in Inverness on Tuesday 4 th December and Shanna had to compete against pupils from all over Highland to produce a creative ‘Bridal Look’ hairstyle in 45 minutes. The competition was judged by salon owners who were impressed by the high standards. Ocean Youth Trust Members of the Caol Duke of Edinburgh's Award Group had an opportunity to sail in an OYT yacht during the October break. Selena Harley really enjoyed the trip, “We met in Oban and the yacht sailed south, through the Sound of Jura, passing Islay. We sailed on to Ballycastle in Northern Ireland where we stayed for one night. After this, we headed to Largs, passing the islands of Arran and Cumbrae. I saw 3 seals, 2 dolphins and other marine life. Life on a boat is hard work, with cooking, cleaning, hoisting sails, winching and tacking. It requires a lot of team work. People need to get on and we did. It was magic fun!” iPod Winner Congratulations to Ailie Campbell 2RS who won a new iPod Nano in a competition to guess the identity of teachers from baby photos. Sadly there is not enough room to include any of the photos here!

Lessons from Auschwitz Jasmin Pilling, myself and Mr Sutherland travelled to Poland in September for a one-day visit to Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi death camp. We were part of a group of school pupils and teachers from all over Scotland, sponsored by the Holocaust Educational Trust and carrying out a project called ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’. The visit allowed us to see, first hand, the terrible things that happened at Auschwitz; we learned important lessons and, since returning to school, we have been passing this message on to others with assemblies for all year groups and a presentation to the Rotary Club of Lochaber. When we arrived in Poland, we were taken by coach to the town of Oswiencim (Auschwitz in German). Before the war, this town – which was about the same size as Fort William – had 7000 Jewish people living in it; today it has none! When we were in Oswiecim, we visited a Jewish cemetery. When the Nazis invaded Poland they destroyed this cemetery; they removed all the gravestones and made them into roads so that people walked and drove over them. After the war, some Jewish people returned and rebuilt the cemetery. The second part of our visit was to Auschwitz 1 which used to be Polish Army barracks but was taken over by the Nazis. It was here that they developed the gas chambers and the methods of killing that was later used to murder thousands of people. When the Nazis gassed people, they were told that they were going for showers. They told them to remove their clothes, and tie their shoes together and hang them on a numbered peg so that they could find them when they came out. People went into the gas chambers Cemetery Oswiencim If we were to have one minute of silence for every person who died at Auschwitz, we would be silent for four years! not knowing their fate, and died there. We saw many of the items taken away from these people in a horrific exhibition of shoes, suitcases, artificial limbs, children’s clothes and even human hair (the hair was used to stuff cushions and to make cloth). This exhibition really showed the number of individuals that died at Auschwitz. Everybody found it really difficult to look at these things. They belonged to people just like us. The people who invented a way to kill them were just like us. And the people who packed them into the gas chambers, who looked at individual faces, individual people, and knew what was going to happen to them were just like us too. We then went on to visit Auschwitz 2, known as Auschwitz-Birkenau which was spread over a huge area. It was very different to the first place we had visited. In Auschwitz 1 it was the horrible things we saw that made the experience hard, where at Auschwitz 2 it was what you didn’t see... We walked to a point on the railway that leads into Auschwitz 2. This was the point where families were separated forever. It was here that the process of selection took place. It was decided which people were to stay in the camp and work, and which were to go straight to the gas chambers. We were also able to see the ruins of these gas chambers. Towards the end of the day, we saw an exhibition of photographs of people that had been found in the suitcases confiscated by the Nazis. This showed people’s lives before the Gates of Auschwitz 1 Holocaust; it showed them at weddings, birthdays, family days out and it showed family stories. This made everyone think about the individuals who had died at Auschwitz, and how they really were just like us. The day ended with a memorial service at the ruins of one of the gas chambers. Everybody lit candles and placed them on the train tracks leading back to the main gates. There are many lessons that we can learn from the events that took place at Auschwitz. People should be tolerant and respectful of the beliefs of others; they should stand up and be counted when they know something is wrong. Only by learning from the mistakes that were made then, can we stop something similar happening in the future. Memorial Candles You can get more information at: Geum Chrystal S6

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