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Newsletter 7 - December 2007 - Lochaber High School

Newsletter 7 - December 2007 - Lochaber High School

Deasbad BT Alba ’S e

Deasbad BT Alba ’S e deasbad mòr airson sgoiltean air feadh Alba a th’ ann an Deasbad BT Alba. Anns a’ chiad chuairt, bha sia sgiobaidhean deug ann uile gu lèir le ochd cuspairean diofraichte. As dèidh a’ chiad chuairt, chaidh ochd sgiobaidhean troimhe chun an dàrna cuairt. Gu mì-fhortanach, cha do rinn sinn a’ chùis ach chòrd e gu mòr rinn an cothrom fhaighinn deasbad an aghaidh Sgoil Sir E Scott. Tha sinn den bheachd gun do rinn sinn cho math ’s a b’ urrainn dhuinn agus ’s dòcha ma nì sinn an ath-bhliadhna e gun dèan sinn nas fheàrr agus gum faigh sinn troimhe. Tha sinn den bheachd gur e rud uabhasach fhèin math a th’ anns an deasbad oir ’s e cothrom glè mhath a th’ ann airson clann à diofair cheàrnan de dh’Alba faighinn còmhla. Chan e dìreach deasbad a th’ ann, ’s e deagh chothrom a th’ ann cuideachd càirdean ùr a dhèanamh a tha timcheall air an aon aois riut fhèin agus a tha fileanta ann an Gàidhlig. Tha sinn an dùil falbh air ais an ath bhliadhn’ agus tha sinn an dòchas gum bi na sgoilearan òga airson an aon rud a dhèanamh nuair a bhios cothrom aca a dhol ann. The BT National Debate is an important debate for schools. It is not only a debate but also an opportunity for young Gàidhlig speakers from throughout Scotland to get together. This year, sixteen teams participated in the first round. Unfortunately, we were not successful. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the competition. We intend to compete again next year and hope that younger Gàidhlig speakers will take this opportunity when the time comes. Erin McHale 5RS Highland Regional Youth Orchestra HRYO is comprised of around one hundred musicians from all over the Highlands. Annually, in May, auditions take place where all members (including the existing members) audition for a place in the orchestra. We rehearse twice each term and have both a spring and winter concert. In the previous Spring Concert, the number of players doubled as we played with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and premiered a modern piece named ‘Fling!’ The Concert was recorded and ‘Fling!’ has recently been played on BBC Radio 3. Each weekend is always enjoyable with a significant amount of practising taking place, usually nine-and-a-half hours in one day! A lot of hard work is put into each concert with an equal amount of memories created that will last a lifetime. Laura MacCallum Scottish Disability Swimming Championships The thirty-second National Gala for junior swimmers with a learning disability organised by Scottish Disability Sport was held at the magnificent Tollcross Leisure Centre on Wed 21st November. Here are a few personal accounts of the day out. Mrs Cameron picked me up at 7.00am. It took over 3 hours to drive to the swimming pool in Glasgow. My first event was the 25m backstroke. I did well in my heat and got through to the final. Unfortunately, I did not win a medal in the final. I also competed in the 50m front crawl heats. Again, I got through to the final, but unfortunately I did not win a medal. Rebekah won gold and a bronze medal. Lisa won a silver medal. Ceitlin won a bronze medal. On the way home we stopped for fish and chips in Alexandria. It was 10.00 when I got home. I was very tired and went straight to bed. I really enjoyed the day and want to go back next year to try to win a medal. Ewan MacPhee 6N On Wednesday 21 st November we got up early because we had to be there at 10.30am because the races started at 11.00am. I was very happy when I saw my friends Anne, Emma and Graeme. I like Emma because she kept on hugging me and sitting on my knee. I was in the 25m back crawl and 25m front crawl. I was happy even if I did not get a medal. I had a good day. On the way home we stopped for a chip shop dinner. I was very happy because I was with my friends and family. Maryanne Michie S3 On Wednesday 21 st I got up at 6.00am. Mrs Cameron came and picked me up in the green minibus. I was sitting beside Maryanne’s dad on the bus on the way down to Glasgow. I had my camera with me and I took some pictures of Lisa, Garry Whyte, Martin, Mark, Rebekah and Maryanne. The swimming gala was at Tollcross Centre. Mrs Cooper was driving the minibus on the way back from Glasgow and we went to a chip shop at Alexandria. Rebekah, Martin, Garry and Caitlin were singing on the bus. I was the chief photographer at the Gala. Gary Donaldson S3 We went to the swimming championship in Glasgow in the green bus. It was about 2 hours to get there. I was at the back with my friend Rebekah and it was good because I had my Ipod with me. We got there about half past ten because the races were to start at 11.30 and then we went to the pool side. The races I was in were the front crawl and the breast stroke. The first race I was in was the breast stroke. At the end of the race I was going to get the bronze medal but one girl was disqualified so I got a silver medal and my friend Rebekah got the bronze medal. After that I was in the front crawl but I did not get a medal. Then Mrs Cooper said that I was in the final of the front crawl but I did not win a medal. After that me and my friend waited for Rebekah. She was in the same race as me but in a different class as me. After that we went and got dressed. We got on the minibus and we used the tom-tom to get out of Glasgow and we had a good time in the bus because everyone was happy. Lisa Jane MacIsaac 4L

Music Exam Successes Congratulations to the following LHS pupils who were successful in recent Trinity Guildhall examinations: Jessica Barbour Initial Grade Piano Distinction Claire Arnott Grade 5 Horn Merit Roisin MacArthur Grade 2 Horn Pass Kirsty MacDonald Grade 6 Trumpet Pass Jennifer Matheson Grade 3 Piano Pass Hannah Earnshaw Grade 6 Piano Merit Amy Eldrid Grade 6 Piano Pass Natasha Earnshaw Grade 3 Piano Pass Ruth Earnshaw Grade 2 Piano Distinction The Royal National Mod was held in Fort William this year with many of the events taking place in Lochaber High School. A number of prize-winners are pupils at the school—well done all! The long awaited second album from Studio 13 has finally been sent away for manufacture and features some of the musical highlights from the past year in the studio. The remix of Ruaridh and Jamie’s ‘Lets Change This World’ has already appeared on the BBC’s Global Roots Music Show and lots of important people are eager to get their hands on a copy. It will be available from early December at JT music, Fired Art and the Studio. The whole album has been designed, recorded and produced by the students and contains some real musical treats! On the live front the studio band have been approached by the Strathpeffer Pavilion who are keen on booking them for a gig and there has even been some suggestion of a tour around the Isles. Exciting times! As well as the music and film we also have design facilities. If anyone is keen to learn Adobe Photoshop please let us know, as we will be putting on after school workshops. If you’re interested in getting involved in any aspect of the studio call in and check it out. We’re open to the whole school and although it gets quite busy at times you should be able to find a slot to use the space. It’s a great place to learn, create and have fun! Joe French Scotland v Italy We left Fort William at 10.00 am on Saturday 17 th November to see Scotland play Italy at Hampden Park in the final match of their Euro 2008 campaign. The game didn’t start until 5.00 pm so we went to Braehead and Xscape. When we got to Hampden, we all had to stay close together because there were a lot of fans. Everyone was singing and everyone was in a good mood. We were all amazed how many people were going to the game. We had great seats behind the goals and not too high up. The atmosphere was electric and the sound was almost deafening but, sadly, the game had only just started when the Italians scored. In the second half, the stadium erupted when Barry Ferguson scored for Scotland. Everyone was jumping and singing with joy because Scotland could still win. Just when the Italians started to run out of ideas and Scotland could win by a counterattack, the Italians got a free kick from nothing. This was the crucial free kick and they scored – Scotland’s dream was over. We were all devastated. Even though Scotland lost, they still had a wonderful campaign. We stopped at Burger King for dinner on the way home, arriving back in Fort William at around 11 pm. Although the score was really disappointing, we still had a great time! Thanks to Mr Reynolds and other staff who organised the trip. Iain MacLellan / Stephen MacPhee Accordion Andrew Macdonald (former pupil) Solo Singing – (Girls 11-12) Silver Badge – Laura Davies 2R Poetry Recitation (13-15) Silver Badge – Mairi Sandison 2S Solo Singing - (Girls 13-15) Gold Badge – Hannah MacDonald 5N Solo Singing – (Boys 13-15) Gold Badge – Robert Robertson 3RS Alexander Hamilton Trophy (highest mark in Gaelic) Hannah MacDonald 5N Sgeulachd Ghoirid (13-15) (Short Story) 1 st Connor Gillies 4S 2 nd Caitlyn Cameron 4L 3 rd Laura MacDonald 4RS Sgeulachd Ghoirid (16-18 F) 2 nd Elaine Reid 5N Sgeulachd Ghoirid (16-18) 1 st Iain Cameron 5LN 2 nd Fiona McIntyre 6L Scholarship Natalie Rosie (2RS) has recently been awarded a Highland Dancing scholarship following her outstanding exam results in June. Natalie was one of only twelve people nominated for the scholarship in the whole of the UK! In winning the scholarship she had to do an examination paper, explaining all the dance positions and moves, do a lesson and then perform a specially choreographed dance. As part of the scholarship she goes to Glasgow every Monday and Thursday for specialist training.

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