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HARN - Nanotech Regulatory Document Archive

HARN - Nanotech Regulatory Document Archive


CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY III 1 INTRODUCTION 1 2 OBJECTIVES 3 3 METHODS AND PLAN OF WORK 3 4 REVIEW OF THE EVIDENCE 6 4.1 The Nature of Asbestos Risk – Evidence in Humans 6 4.2 The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Asbestos Toxicity 12 4.3 HARN Physico-Chemical Characterisation 18 4.4 Current Evidence on the Potential Toxicity of some HARN 26 4.5 Asbestos and HARN: Studies directly comparing them 31 4.6 A Research Strategy to Determine the Potential Toxicity of HARN 33 WORKSHOP 35 5 CONCLUSIONS 43 6 RECOMMENDATIONS 46 7 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 47 8 REFERENCES 48 Page ii

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Potential concerns about the potential health effects of high aspect ratio nanoparticles (HARN) are based primarily on toxicology studies of industrial fibres including asbestos. The objectives of this study are: 1. to undertake a scoping study to review the existing literature on industrial fibres and HARN to determine whether high aspect ratio nanoparticles (HARN) should raise the same concerns as do asbestos fibres and 2. to set out a research strategy towards determining whether the health concerns about HARN are well–founded. Our approach focused on the following activities: Literature and information collection. Information was collected from the peerreviewed, grey literature and published conference proceedings of relevance to the stated project objectives. Critical review. Critical reviews of the identified literature were conducted by the different partners of our consortium. The following areas are integral to the critical reviews: Asbestos & Industrial Fibre Characterisation Asbestos & Industrial Fibre Health Effects in Humans Asbestos & Industrial Fibre Mechanisms of Toxicity HARN Characterisation HARN Mechanisms of Toxicity The development of a research strategy to investigate the potential hazard of HARN based on identified gaps in knowledge The facilitation of a workshop to disseminate the findings of this study to stakeholders including key members of the toxicology, regulatory and other appropriate communities. In this study, we have reviewed the state-of-the-art knowledge on the toxicity of asbestos and HARN and we have compared the health effects from exposure to asbestos (as an example of an industrial fibre) with carbon nanotubes as an example of a HARN. As part of the review we have also compiled the current information on the characterisation of the physico-chemical properties of HARN The research on the toxicity of asbestos and other industrial fibres has lead to the ‘fibre paradigm’; 1. Diameter: fibres must be thin enough reach past ciliated airways. The aerodynamic diameter of fibres is not affected much by their length 2. Length: essential for the onset of e.g. frustrated phagocytosis and other inflammatory pathways 3. Biopersistence: important when considering the setting of e.g. maximum exposure limits to a fibre over time. This review has identified many similarities between HARN and asbestos with regard to their physico-chemical properties and toxicological effects and has concluded that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that HARN which have the same characteristics (diameter, length and biopersitance) as pathogenic fibres are likely to have similar pathology. Page iii

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