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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

6 ii. An opportunity to

6 ii. An opportunity to encourage the World Health Organization and other organizations to provide grants which would go towards decreasing the price of mid-wives; 1. which would in turn provide the opportunity for mothersto-be to hire a midwife, 2. The United Nations should then encourage midwives to report their deliveries; 4. Recommends that incentives are given to any nation who makes an effort to remove themselves from the United States Trafficking in person’s Report. These incentives would include: a. Efforts by developed nations to increase trade, b. Reduce foreign tariffs; 5. Recognizes that human trafficking is not only a national issue, but a transnational crime: a. And thus offenders should be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court. This would further deter traffickers, b. This also would allow for government officials to be prosecuted if they are found to knowingly allow an instance of human trafficking to occur; 6. Strongly requests that all actions taken to expunge human trafficking will remain respectfully aware of all nations’ sovereignty. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

7 UNHRC Resolution 1-3 The United Nations Human Rights Commission Acknowledging that peace is not necessarily the absence of war, but rather when warring factions are able to extend lines of communication to evaluate the effects of warfare and reach a compromise, Recognizing the importance of post conflict resolution in the process of stabilizing the government and ensuring that further ethnic conflict situations do not arise, Understanding that most ethnic conflict stems from a power struggle between the current government and opposing factions represented by rival ethnic groups, Comprehending that an inclusive policy gives underrepresented ethnic groups a fair say in government procedures, Acknowledging the tendency of estranged and unemployed ex-combatants in resolved ethnic conflicts to return to violence, 1. Recommends the implementation of a general inclusive policy for long term reconstruction and reestablishment of stable government in post-conflict states and areas. This inclusive policy shall include: a. The formation of a convention representative of all ethnic groups to determine the basic form and procedure of further national or regional government, b. Inclusion of all ethnic groups in government procedure based on proportional representation of each ethnic group, c. Establishment of committees in each post-conflict zone, of joint ethnicity, for resolution of inter-ethnic disputes, on an individual basis, in their infancy, d. United Nations envoys sent to post-conflict countries, at governmental consent, for guidance and counsel on initial governmental reconstruction; 2. Calls For the reintegration of those involved in ethnic conflict into society and the political system by: a. A focus on domestic training and jobs, for those involved, in any United Nations aided or national reconstruction process, b. Establishment of local Reintegration Aid Agencies to help individuals find work and adjust to post-conflict society, c. Calling upon private enterprise to generally employ native African citizens and those involved in the conflict rather than foreign specialists and workers; 3.) Encourages Non Governmental Organizations to provide needed educational and medical aid to establish basic infrastructure, including but not limited to: a. Immediate medical relief, long-term medical systems, and basic nonideological national education systems, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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