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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

8 b. Stresses that this

8 b. Stresses that this aid shall be granted only upon request, and shall not be imposed; 4. Refers the oversight of post-ethnic-conflict reconstruction, recovery, and governmental reestablishment for the initial 8 months to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, to be reviewed bimonthly: a. In order that the commission may make recommendations and watch for reemerging potential conflicts, b. This oversight may be renewed, with the consent of the commission and the host state, after the 8 month period; 5. Asks the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and member states to help fund the Inclusive Plan and further reconstruction efforts; 6. Authorizes the presence of the African Union during the initial eight month period, during which time it will receive first hand training in order to take control of the post-conflict states international reconstruction force after expiration of the 8-month period. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

9 UNHRC Resolution 1-4 The United Nations Human Rights Commission Deeply concerned with the amount of ethnic conflict occurring in Africa, Taking into consideration past actions that have been taken by both the Security Council and General Assembly, Recalling Resolution 1596 which called for the investigation of Darfur by the Commission of Inquiry on Darfur, in which it was found that “genocidal activity was missing,” 1. Proposes an agreement between the African Union and the Arab League in order to focus on the “ethnic conflict” as a whole with all countries of Africa; 2. In Favor of an incentive program as a mean to prevent conflict in contrast to the use of political pressure that has been applied in the form of sanctions; 3. Urges the strengthening or restructuring of infrastructure within nations in order to positively lay the foundation for solutions including: a. Education, b. Refugees, c. Economical growth; 4. Supports the use of micro-crediting in order to stabilize the economy and reduce poverty in order to prevent conflict and violations of human rights: a. These micro-crediting groups will focus individually on the countries of Africa, b. Supports the distribution of monetary funds by the African Union and Arab League, c. Recognizes that micro-crediting was used in India and was successful; 5. Welcomes that the use of education be implemented, in countries who allow it, in order to help alleviate poverty as well as educate against ethnic hatred; 6. Calls Upon the United Nations High Commission on Refugees to strengthen refugee camps so that refugees do not fuel future ethnic conflict through support via humanitarian aid in the form of food and medical aid; 7. States that the UN may stop funding if deemed that they are being used inappropriately; 8. Recognizes that NGOs will be used as a source of funding; 9. Stays seized in the matter. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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