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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

14 b. Making school days

14 b. Making school days only 4 hours to allow more time for work and reinforcement of lessons, c. The option of educating students at different times according to age and school level; 7. Encourages African states to make modifications to these guidelines according to their needs; 8. Deems it necessary to further encourage the education of females to achieve the goals set out in the Millennium Development Plan so that gender equality and the allowance for equal opportunities to women can be received by means of: a. recruiting a larger amount of women to act as teachers for girls to incorporate females as a more significant part of society, b. improving enrollment rates through the use of awareness creation activities to convince more parents to send their daughter to school, c. rendering the schooling environment to become more gender sensitive with the provision of curriculum development that will remove gender biases in textbooks and in class workshops, as well as the separation of lavatories by gender; 9. Takes Heavily Into Consideration the sovereignty of each nation and the religious influences and limitations within them that may hinder advances toward gender equality and equal education; 10. Encourages African governments to offer basic healthcare and hygiene classes in public places for the purpose of: a. Emphasizing the need for the general publics knowledge about the prevention and possible treatment of disease at health clinics, b. Respecting religious views by focusing on spiritual health and cleanliness at the classes at churches. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

15 UNICEF Resolution 2-1 The United Nations Children’s Fund Acknowledging the fundamental right of every child to a healthy, secure existence, Noting the general failure of most international efforts to stem the prevalence of AIDS among African child populations, Affirming that education is the surest long-term solution to the problems posed by the AIDS pandemic, Recognizing the health needs of children as being unique from those of adults, Aware that children are the forgotten faces of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 1. Allots funds to: a. Refurbish and construct new orphanages and shelters for children affected by AIDS/HIV, b. Staff the aforementioned shelters with men and women with adequate knowledge of the mental and emotional needs of children orphaned because of HIV/AIDS, and orphans infected by HIV/AIDS; 2. Increases awareness of safe sexual practices and the prevention and treatment of AIDS by: a. Encouraging cultural, religious and tribal leaders to advocate abstinence and/or condom use, b. Distribution of information in public places like food distribution centers; the information being both written and oral, c. Implementing needle exchange and condom distribution programs, d. Presenting plays and other educational productions on the transmission of HIV/AIDS in individual villages; 3. Reduces the social stigma and rejection associated with HIV/AIDS by maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality for those given this diagnosis of HIV/AIDS; 4. Prevents the transfer of AIDS from mother to child by: a. Using UNICEF funds to make Pregnant of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) programs available to all expectant mothers, on a consistent basis, b. Encouraging nursing mothers to nourish their children with powdered milk, as an alternative to breast-feeding; 5. Supports increasing the prevalence of time and cost effective HIV/AIDS testing methods, like the dried blood test; 6. Alleviates the tremendous psychological and emotional burdens shouldered by children afflicted with HIV/AIDS by offering mental health counseling for adults at local clinics; Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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