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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

16 7. Hopes to reduce

16 7. Hopes to reduce cost of anti-retro viral drugs by urging African Union countries to collectively bargain with pharmaceutical corporations for lower prices; 8. Encourages the development of volunteer-run home health solutions for HIV/AIDS afflicted parents and caregivers modeled on the Community-Based options for Protection and Empowerment (COPE) that has been implemented in several African states; 9. Allocates funds to national sponsor-a-child initiatives that reduce the burden on African states to care for children affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS; 10. Promotes awareness of HIV/AIDS at all levels of African societies by: a. Encouraging African states to adopt comprehensive, standardized HIV/AIDS and health education curricula at public schools, b. Urging developed states to contribute to African health educational initiatives, c. Urging religious authorities to disseminate accurate information on the dangers of traditional practices like female genital mutilation; 11. Encourages NGOs, as well as grassroots charitable initiatives, to contribute funds to state and UNICEF-run HIV/AIDS programs; 12. Maintains that UNICEF should attempt to ensure transparency and that payment to countries for HIV/AIDS preventative measures should not be late or misdirected; 13. Urges sanitary practices that decrease blood-to-blood transmission of the virus, including: a. Instituting criminal penalties for unsafe practices, like female genital mutilation, with non-sterilized surgical implements, b. Supplying major health clinics and centers in Africa with sterilized surgical implements to be used in all situations that carry a risk of HIV infection. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

17 UNICEF Resolution 2-3 The United Nations Children Fund Horrified by the destruction caused by the HIV/AIDS virus, Believing that current HIV/AIDS health programs do not sufficiently address the special needs of Africans, Fully aware that the rights of orphans and widows need to be further addressed, Approving of further research and monitoring into specific target groups most susceptible to HIV/AIDS, Realizing that children are the future of Africa, Recalling the statement in a Call For Action- The Missing Face of AIDS, which placed “the missing face off children affected by AIDS at the center of the HIV/AIDS agenda,” 1. Urges African national government in conjunction with UNICEF to conduct research investigation to assess and analyze the extent and cause of children most vulnerable to AIDS; 2. Authorizes the distribution of existing UNICEF funds to many competing HIV/AIDS research to encourage independent and innovative action; 3. Urges the African Union in conjunction with UNICEF to establish the African Union Collective Pharmaceutical Petitioning Organization (AUCPPO) to: a. Collectively bargain foreign pharmaceutical companies for significantly reduced Anti-Retroviral Drugs (ARDs), b. Distribute ARDs on the basis of but not limited to concentration of HIV infected persons, rate of new infection, and level of poverty; 4. Encourages African departments of health to fully integrate the care and treatment HIV/AIDS infected children and adults within current health system initiatives; 5. Encourages African governments to expand the scope and increase the access of care though the following: a. Compulsory HIV/AIDS testing for new born infants, b. Strengthening of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), c. Expansion of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI), d. The standardization of HIV/AIDS testing as a component of routine checkups for all ages and sexes, e. Establishment of growth monitoring and early childhood care and development projects; 6. Urges African national legislatures to expand the legal rights of women by introducing and strictly enforcing anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, and violent sexual crimes laws; 7. Urges African national legislatures to expand the legal rights of children by adopting policies which define the standards of protection for parentless children; Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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