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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

18 8. Urges African

18 8. Urges African governments to simplify, streamline, and reduce the costs of adopting or fostering children affected by HIV/AIDS; 9. Encourages African governments to protect parentless children by a. building new orphanages, b. training the staff of existing orphanages in sanitation, nutrition, childhood development, and mental/emotional health; 10. Urges African governments to expand the scope of and increase the accuracy of birth registration programs; 11. Encourages African departments of health in conjunction with UNICEF to establish mobile healthcare units which conduct HIV/AIDS testing and administer reduced price ARDs to trucks and highways and other transportation systems; 12. Supports the faith based organizations dissemination of HIV/AIDS prevention practice information specifically the ABC program; 13. Supports the free and anonymous exchange of used sterile needles for tentative needs, as well as the free distribution of condoms; 14. Affirms to petition for funds from additional NGOs, UN committees, private charity groups dedicated to the HIV/AIDS cause, and charitable donations from individual countries, in addition to UNICEF funds previously mentioned; 15. Reaffirms UNICEF’s commitment to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

19 UNICEF Resolution 2-4 The United Nations Children Fund Reaffirming the Millennium Development goals of halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS by 2015, Affirming that the HIV/AIDS virus is on a rapid spread, Recognizing the importance of understanding culture and religion while dealing with the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, Convinced that the HIV/AIDS crisis will only get worse unless a more aggressive campaign takes effect, Realizing the detrimental impact of HIV/AIDS in families and communities, 1. Encourages all nations, especially those with extreme epidemics of AIDS, adopt education programs such as: a. The abstinence, Be faithful, Condoms (ABC) program, b. Safe sex education, c. Feminine health education that would: i. Explain the hazards of HIV/AIDS and how it is transmitted, ii. Teach women how to exert their feelings about sex and safe sex with their partners, iii. Provide pregnant women with HIV/AIDS all the information they need to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to their children, d. This information will be provided at clinics as well as ad campaigns, and food distribution centers, and school systems; 2. Urges political and religious leaders to assist in education using the outlined methods; 3. Supports the expansion of the save the children community-based options for protection and empowerment (COPE) and their village HIV/AIDS committees; 4. Encourages other NGOs working to help HIV/AIDS orphans to imitate Community-Based Options for Protection and Empowerment (COPE) and establish similar village AIDS committees; 5. Stresses the importance of blood testing in the fight against AIDS; 6. Requests that NGOs offer incentive to couples who are blood tested before they are married, and provide counseling for both parties; 7. Recognizes the recent advances in blood testing such as dry blood testing and urges nations to use this method in all blood testing; 8. Emphasizes the importance of children being tested for HIV/AIDS; 9. Calls upon nations to assist in providing mothers infected with HIV/AIDS with: a. Nevirapine administered during labor, b. Powered milk and other breast milk supplements and clean water, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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