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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

20 c. Donations of

20 c. Donations of breast milk from women not infected; 10. Appreciates nations that establish, or allow the establishment of clean needle stations; 11. Considers it desirable to provide free condoms at: a. Clinics, b. Brothels; 12. Supports the distribution of sterilization tools for blades used in circumcisions such as: a. Bleach, b. Wipes chemically proven to destroy the virus; 13. Deems it necessary to further develop the efficiency of mobile units, whose creation will be for the purpose of increasing the availability of medical aid and vaccination to less accessible or impoverished regions, as well as propagating the knowledge and awareness of the harms of HIV/AIDS an a more widespread level; 14. Desires the development and renovation of orphanages for children specifically displaced by AIDS; 15. Repeats that education is extremely important and urges adolescent out-reach programs such as: a. Counseling programs, b. Focusing information that is directed toward adolescents, c. Focus on young girls to raise awareness of: i. Human trafficking, ii. Prostitution, iii. Early marriage, iv. Exploitation and sexual abuse; 16. Emphasizes the importance of the spread of information to rural areas; 17. Supports the creation of counseling programs to administer help to those affected or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS; 18. Urges those couples diagnosed with AIDS to be counseled with options such as: a. Medication to be taken during pregnancy, b. Adoption of children: i. Orphaned by HIV/AIDS, ii. Have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS; 19. Calls upon the government of all nations to maintain transparency to ensure funding and supplies given by programs from other countries is used as was intended; 20. Encourages the use of plays to educate people about the epidemic, as well as publicized information and personal examples to show the dire effects of HIV/AIDS; 21. Urges all nations to join the UNICEF Unite for Children United against AIDS campaign. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

21 UNDP Resolution 1-2 The United Nations Development Programme Gravely concerned by the failure of nations to fairly redistribute land among their population, Alarmed at the percentage of the worlds populace living in poverty, Keeping in mind the UN Millennium Development Goals, Noting with concern that many people fail to integrate themselves into the economy once they receive land grants, Emphasizing that in developing states, poverty and hunger are in direct relation to land tenure systems, Recognizing that 63% of micro-loan recipients repay their loans and with surplus money and profits, Keeping in mind that 87% of micro-loan recipients pay their loan back in full, 1. Urges investors guided by the UN and other NGOs to provide seed money, capital, and development bonds to offer micro-loans and micro-credit to promising but poor entrepreneurs who have a defined plan for the land; 2. Strongly Suggests that this land is redistributed to the poor, which will be done with the guidance and advice provided by financial experts of NGOs and the UN; 3. Recommends the usage of micro-loans, funded by investors, for helping the new landowners regain their footing and for providing a chance for entrepreneurs; 4. Approves the practice of the new entrepreneurs paying back their share of the land debt and also paying back the micro-loans in phased installments; 5. Strongly Suggests that once the investors are repaid, they once again re-invest in land reform; 6. Supports the use of entrepreneurs to re-invigorate the economy; 7. Urges the formation of an UN overseeing council to watch over these activities, and if necessary, shut the program down; 8. Supports the formation of a program like the Development Land Lending Committee; 9. Encourages the implementation of a Land Labeling method in which: a. UN experts or willing NGOs label unused or disputed land as arable or non-arable, b. These experts work closely, with the local government to use the land in the most efficient way and be the most beneficial; 10. Supports the use of agrarian reform in unused or disputed lands in order to: a. Increase land security with tenure, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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