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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

22 b. Help with the safe

22 b. Help with the safe and effective use of land so that the land will be used in the most beneficial manner; 11. Encourages a bloc system based on situation rather than location solely for land reformation to integrate processes such as NGOs and taxation; 12. Strongly Urges nations to respect property right of individuals during land reforms. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

23 UNDP Resolution 2-1 The United Nations Development Programme Noting the growing digital divide between the developed and underdeveloped nations, Stressing the importance of increasing infrastructure to create a more developed nation, Continuing the research needed to improve upon and drive down the loss of technology, Understanding the need to spread education to make such a digital expansion effective, 1. Urges underdeveloped nations to promote policies towards private companies willing to expand digital infrastructure such as: a. Public-private partnerships, b. Tax and tariff exemptions, 2. Encourages developed nations to give subsidies to those companies that are expanding in the third world: a. Such breaks would begin after initial infrastructure has been built but before service begins, b. Have the UN recommend which companies qualify for such tax breaks, c. Subsidies expire once profit has been made; 3. Supports the establishment of research centers primarily but not only in universities in developing nations to diminish future dependence of those nations to the international communities that comply with aforementioned tax break policy; 4. Promotes nations in expanding digital technologies to all socioeconomic classes: a. Have all teachers be certified in ICT, b. Establish community center in poorer regions to promote computer accessibility and literacy; 5. Strongly Urges underdeveloped nations that are advancing into a digital economy to legislate about it: a. Have free speech to protect material from government censoring, b. Have legislation to protect intellectual material available digitally by copyright; 6. Calls upon companies to translate software into the official language of each country; 7. Strongly encourages countries to provide technological devices such as laptops and cell phones: a. Those technologies would be implemented in schools, i. This encourages more people to go to school and receive an education, ii. This decrease the likelihood of theft and damage, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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