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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

24 iii. This increases

24 iii. This increases the chance of success as well as accessibility; b. As well as encourages the eventual implementation of such programs as the one laptop per child initiative; 8. Supports the integration of technology into education by means of: a. Establishing a partnership between teachers and technological experts, b. Allowing experts or NGO representatives to speak in schools; 9. Encourages the use of websites in order to create transparency between organizations and companies where possible using the programs like: a. Interconnections transparent website, b. United States “Digital Divide Web,” 10. Proposes the establishment of micro loans as funds for small businesses, to implement technologies and o possibly update it; 11. Supports establishing research facilities in developed nations that are providing tax breaks to increase affordability, effectiveness, and portability; 11. Urges the governments of the individual countries to take the primary role in gaping the digital divide by passing supportive legislation; 12. Calls For the formation of a UN sponsored committee to: a. Aid in the assessment of each country’s individual digital divide, b. Oversee each country’s action to bridge the digital divide, c. Take action against: i. Corruption, ii. Discrimination. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

25 UNDP Resolution 2-2 The United Nations Development Programme Deeply disturbed by the fact that 80% of the world’s populace without access to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Noting with concern the lack of education importance of ICTs and other technologies in many parts of the world, Keeping in mind that infrastructure, both political and technological, is necessary for successfully bridging the digital divide, Confident that microfinance programs are efficient ways to introduce ICTs to countries and build infrastructure, Bearing in mind the high success rates of programs which incorporate microfinance such as the Grameen Phone which has been placed in over 12,500 villages, Fully believing that the support of private corporations are essential to successfully bridging the digital divide in impoverished states, The United Nations Development Program, Strongly believing that telephones and radios are readily accessible technologies that run be implemented immediately in order to provide ICTs to those countries, which lack them, Being convinced that as laptop and internet technologies become more advanced and affordable, they will be integrated into these countries, Confident that competition between cell phones, laptops and radio companies would only hasten advances, 1. Encourages NGOs, and private corporations, and able governments to develop community and digital centers along with mobile interactive information kiosks within the areas of these nations which lack basic knowledge of technology along with the infrastructure necessary; 2. Urges the creation of focus groups by such NGOs as the African Information Society Initiative (AISI) to educate: a. Teachers so that they will be able to incorporate digital technology into school curriculums, b. Village representatives to bring technology awareness to their villages; 3. Supports the integration of digital technology curriculums into schools by local and national governments; 4. Strongly Suggests that research for laptops, radio, and cellphones and other potential solutions to closing the digital divide be implemented by: Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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