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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

26 a. Encouraging tax

26 a. Encouraging tax incentives for incorporating which research these technologies in order to make them more durable and efficient and more easily usable by these people who are not familiar with them , b. Encouraging governments to incorporate these into universities and other institutions, c. Encouraging continued research from such NGOs as the Internet Initiative for Africa; 5. Emphasizes the implementation of technology such as cell phone, laptops, and radio through the means of: a. Micro-loans to allow the citizens to purchase this technology using which they will create a business and pay back the loan gradually over time, b. Programs such as One Laptop per Child and the Grameen Phone, c. Providing government with resources that will be distributed to civil facilities advised by such organization as NEPAD, 6. Suggests the creation of an international convention on telecommunication where developing countries meet with the following to create partnerships for: technological exchange: a. Foreign investors, including developed countries, b. Technological experts that can provide insight to the details of implementing technology into a country, c. NGOs that can sufficiently provide funding for developing countries; 7. Calls upon international countries to provide tax breaks to corporations which assist in increasing lesser developed country’s infrastructure in such ways as, but not limited to: a. Establishing electricity and energy networks for these lesser developed nations, b. Creating broadband and wireless networks and towers for cell phones and the internet; 8. Advises NGO’s and private corporations to work closely with governments in order to provide support to the regions which need them most, and they can figure out how these corporations can assist in the most effective ways; 9. Recommends that a UN committee be established in order to monitor the progress of the issue, and oversee operations in order to prevent corruption; 10. Suggests that tax incentives be provided by the international community for those corporations which assist in solving the problem of the digital divide which still exists in many developed countries; 11. Supports educational programs to teach villagers the basic commands needed to operate software; 12. Encourages research and development of software using local dialects by developed nations and fueled by those affected. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

27 UNHCR Committee Resolution 1-2 The United Nations High Commission on Refugees Noting with deep concern the negative impact that refugees often have on their host country, including injured economics, depletion and competition for natural resources, and unpleasant foreign relationships due to the fact that accepting refugees often implies a political statement, Recognizing that while the root of the refugee problem and the negative effects on the host country came from the fact that strife creates refugees, the immediate problems of current refugees and their host countries need to be considered as well, Recognizing that refugees can potentially benefits their host country, Recalling the fact that national sovereignty must be respected and that countries should not be forced to grant amnesties, 1. Encourages the use of stockpiles through the partnership of groups providing necessities to refugee camps; 2. Suggests that NGOs collect and donate supplies as can all nations who wish to help refugees; 3. Calls For NGOs who donate supplies to be in charge of distribution of those necessities while the supplies donated by other nations be distributed by the United Nations and the African Union; 4. Calls Upon the UNHCR to use information to decipher the best placement of future refugee camps, including: a. Camps built away from flood zones, drought areas, and other vulnerable locations, b. Buildings of camps in host countries that accept and approve of such camps, c. Building in a substantial distance away from armed conflict or violent warfare; 5. Encourages NGOs to conduct studies and surveys to assist the UNHCR in finding the most suitable settlement areas that is also reasonably accessible to incoming refugees; 6. Suggests the creation of an international database within ECOSOC for the purpose of: a. Maintaining funds to decrease unnecessary spending and to increase financial global information, b. Using geographical information for the placement of camps in areas where refugees will most likely flee in future conflicts and number of refugees, c. Proliferating facts on national and international conflicts to UN and AU workers so they can better execute their missions; 7. Promotes the integration of education throughout refugee camps for the purpose of: Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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