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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

28 a. Decreasing the

28 a. Decreasing the negative environmental effects of refugee camps by: i. Teaching proper farming techniques, ii. Using crop rotation, iii. Vocational training specific to the host countries environment, iv. Integrating local business that can use land property, b. Increasing cultural and religious tolerance of the host and native country through means of: i. African Union, ii. Other regional and unbiased organizations, c. Utilizing UNEP and the UN environmental organizations; 8. Supports the repatriation of refugees to their home country along with the monitoring of amnesties and guarantees on the basis of which refugees are returned home so that refugees can be effectively returned to their home countries; 9. Further advocates the granting of amnesties in host countries through merit and application in which refugees must demonstrate contribution to the host country’s economy, as an alternative to repatriation; 10. Recommends that host countries take the needed provision to protect the rights of the refugees whom they are currently hosting and may be hosting in the future; 11. Decides to not send peace support troops into any nations without said nations explicit consent; 12. Recommends that external factors such as media influence should be prevented from limiting the ability of international bodies to conduct business effectively and also to preserve the integrity of the UN refugee workers as natural forces; 13. Supports a dual system to manage appropriations involving donations and micro credit which: a. Cuts 7% of funding for the economic and social council, b. Strongly encourages NGOs to supplement the efforts of the economic and social council that were restricted by the cutting of funding, c. Allocates funding cut from the economic and social council for use of the donations and micro credit system, d. Calls upon the developing nations to lower tariffs in order to encourage commerce with developed nations and to support economic growth, e. Urges developed nations to consider relieving the odious debt of developing nations to encourage the economy of these nations; 14. Establishes a Refugee Improvement Index for the purpose of assessing the improvement of host countries, in which: a. The major criteria for improvement will be civil liberties, employment, food conditions, housing conditions, medical conditions, emergency preparedness, fostering self-reliance, general-well being, repatriation, environment, b. Countries with the highest rating will receive more money and capital percapita, c. Creates an exception for countries with newly developing refugee problems because they have not had the opportunity to improve, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

29 d. Money will be given to countries biannually and money will come from the UNHCR’s pre-established monetary supply, e. The UN will be given more oversight to assess the improvement/need of each host nation; 15. Promotes transparency with NGOs relating to the index; 16. Encourages NGOs to direct the majority of their refugee aid to countries that fall into the lowest grades of the index; 17. Requests the stock piling of food, water, vaccines, shelters, and other suck necessities that will be: a. Used in case of emergency, refugee camps so that refugees will not deplete host-nation resources, b. Supervised by the UN, c. Sponsored by the UNHCR, World Bank, willing nations, and NGOs; 18. Promotes the advance of technology with the help of developed nations in order to manage natural resources most effectively; 19. Decides to remain seized on the issue. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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