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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

30 UNHCR Resolution 2-2

30 UNHCR Resolution 2-2 The United Nations High Commission on Refugees Deeply disturbed by the plight of children refugees in Africa and lack of available humanitarian aid, Alarmed by the widespread sexual exploitation and military recruitment of children refugees, Reaffirming the Convention on the Rights of the Child entered into force in 1990, 1. Strongly supports efforts to improve stability and protection for children in refugee camps, by: a. Urging the United Nations Security Council to discuss peacekeeping within host nations and support from the African Union for the protection of these refugees, b. Recognizing national sovereignty and not sending aid workers or troops into a nation without its consent, c. Encouraging the utilization of more female workers within refugee camps by NGOs in order to: i. Combat the sexual exploitation of children, ii. Create more positions for African women refugees, and further the empowerment of women; 2. Encourages NGOs to provide and distribute sufficient humanitarian aid including: a. Food, b. Clean water, through means of: i. Iodine straws, such as Lifestraws to provide immediate relief, ii. The PlayPump system of providing clean water to a community, while also providing fun for children refugees, a severely lacking element, c. Suitable shelter, d. Medication and vaccinations for easily preventable or treatable diseases, as well as education and treatment for HIV/AIDS; 3. Emphasizes proper sanitation through: a. The creation of a basic sewage system, b. Separation between living facilities and areas of sewage concentrations; 4. Reaffirms the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse agreement and continued adherence to the agreement, to bring an end to the sexual exploitation of children refugees; 5. Endorses the increased stability in refugee camps, for the further purpose of giving psychological and emotional stability to the children, and future availability of psychological counseling once more pressing humanitarian issues have been addressed; as well as the formation of a refugee family reunification program; 6. Designates the use of databases under the Economic and Social Council for the purpose of: Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

31 a. Documenting the number of children present in each refugee camp, b. Evaluating the necessary amount of aid and use of the aid granted, c. Recording the administration of medications and vaccinations to children, d. Further assist with the aforementioned reunification of refugee families; 7. Requests the support of international and local NGOs in order to: a. Provide severely needed humanitarian aid, b. Increase regional stability, c. Help establish and run local schools for refugee communities, d. Allow western nations and outside groups to contribute funds to improve trust with African nations and avoid corruption of local governments, e. Promoting the involvement of both large scale and grassroots organization; 8. Further urges the establishment of schools in or around refugee camps in order to: a. Educate the children so that they are able to improve their own futures and future quality of life, which will further stabilize the region, b. Provide protection for children noting especially orphans who may be subjected to exploitation and other harsh conditions, c. Establish locations for humanitarian aid distribution and medical attention to children in an organized manner, to children who are often neglected in refugee camps; 9. Encourages participation in the voice of America sponsored soccer tournament for the purpose of; a. Raising awareness of refugee issues, b. Promoting youth participation in social events at refugee camps, c. Providing outlets of interest for children; 10. Further encourages the use of the vocational instruction programme, in accordance with the UNHCR and UNICEF, to utilize the skills of community leaders to diminish language barriers between refugees and aid workers; 11. Decides to remain seized on the matter. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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