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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

32 AU Resolution 1-1

32 AU Resolution 1-1 African Union Alarmed by the situation in the Western Sahara, Noting that past efforts in the area have failed, The African Union, 1. Defines “immigrant” as one who moved to the Western Sahara and set up permanent residence on or after November 6, 1975; 2. Encourages the IDC to register all inhabitants and returning refugees of the Western Sahara over the age of 18 within a one-year time frame; 3. Instructs the IDC to use the statistics gathered through the voter registration to determine the percentage of immigrants indigenous people and refugees for later use in weighting votes during the referendum within a time period of six months; 4. Establishes voting centers in the areas of heaviest population (as based on the initial registration), and IDC mobile voting centers for those not in a heavily populated area: a. Voting centers will be headed by a combined MINURSO-IDC effort, b. Voting centers will be included with audio recording of ballot instructions for illiterate voters, c. IDC-MINURSO workers will main voting centers to offer clarifications of the voting process; 5. Endorses a referendum that will include choices of: a. Complete autonomy, b. Limited autonomy, the specifics of which will be determined in multilateral talks if this option is elected, c. Complete dependence and Morocco; 6. Encourages the monetary support of all able nations and organizations for the IDC-MINURSO mission; 7. Recognizes the sovereignty of each nation and their might to individual policy; 8. Designates that if Morocco fully complies with the aforementioned referendum, a summit will convene to facilitate trade agreements, offering positive incentives to Morocco: a. This summit will be held in Algeria, b. All nations with fishing rights in the waters surrounding northern Africa will be invited to attend this summit, c. The AU will preside over this summit, d. These incentives would take the form of a “priority systems” in which, if agreed to by all nations that hold rights to this water, Morocco would be given preference in the access to this waters; 9. Further Notes that if Morocco does not comply with the referendum, there will be negative consequences; a. If Morocco is incompliant, a summit will not be held Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

33 b. Furthermore, if Morocco is incompliant, the Africa Union will suggest that any willing nation put an economic sanction on luxury goods on Morocco; 10. Resolves that the AU will meet with NGO’s currently with missions in the Western Sahara to reconsider plausible solutions for the rebuilding of infrastructure in the area the meeting will: a. Emphasize transparency between NGO’s and the AU, b. Furthermore, the meeting will establish the communication links necessary for efficiency and the elimination of wasted resources and purposes in the region; 11. Suggests that the WFI and Red Crescent action in instituting food and Medicine drops in their respective areas; a. The AU will suggest sites for food and medicine drops, b. The actions of these organizations will be reviewed every year, and the AU will decide if it is able to assume the actions, c. Willing African nations are encouraged to contribute volunteers to receive the food and medicine drops; 12. Further Suggests that ground transportation of food and medicine continue once land mines are removed from pertinent areas; 13. Requests the aid of the UN Mine Action Service in the detection and removal of land mines beginning with the routes of humanitarian aid distribution; 14. Strongly Urges the Polisario Front and Morocco to exchange prisoners of war. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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