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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

34 AU Press Release

34 AU Press Release Crisis The African Union is sorry to report that peace has not been established between the combatant Eritrean and Ethiopian governments. At the closure of this our final session, both parties are asserting forceful presence at the border as defined by the International Court of Justice. Negotiations stalled in the eleventh hour when offensive Ethiopian troops retreated from disputed territory and Eritrean troops set up defensive posts at the internationally recognized border. Following those military actions, the African Union drafted a possible peace agreement to which neither side could agree. Continued AU discussion is anticipated. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

35 ECA Debt Reconciliation Paper Economic Commission For Africa Provision 1: Odious Debt Background Analysis Many examples of odious debt have occurred throughout African history. South Africa and the Congo provide two of the most prominent examples of odious debt. South Africa incurred its odious debt from the apartheid, a racist movement supporting white supremacy. Through the entirety of this event, the South African government gained 11, 345 million pounds of debt, which accounts for almost seventy four per cent of the regional debt in this state. Because the government borrowed money and used it to selectively benefit only one part of the state’s population and deprived the rest of the population of resources, this debt is undoubtedly odious. The massive debt accumulated by the Democratic Republic of Congo under the Mobutu regime is yet example of odious debt. The Mobuto regime caused the per capita income to drop by two thirds since independence in 1960 despite one of the largest resource bases in Africa. Embezzling money from the people enriched Mobuto directly. This has led to fifty per cent of Zaire’s capital budget in addition to hundreds of millions of dollars of mining exports revenues, foreign aid and loans, and private investments Critique of Past Action Problems regarding absolving odious debt arose from the unofficial and ambiguous definitions many organizations put forth. The ambiguous definitions left higher bodies the freedom to interpret the definitions in a manner that was disadvantageous to the countries that had actually incurred these debts. Because the multilateral debts incurred cannot simply be forgiven by particular nations, individual investment bodies must be petitioned for forgiveness of debt. With a more concrete definition, those organizations may be more willing to work with such nations, to comply with appeals and build longterm economic success. Despite widespread consensus that those debts should be absolved, past appeals for the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa have failed. Though the institutions and countries from which the multilateral and bilateral debts have been accumulated cannot be mandated to forgive those debts, the ECA does believe that there is justification for cancellation of their odious debts. Policy Proposal The Economic Commission for Africa has came to a consensus of what it believes to be a comprehensive and objective definition of odious debt. The definition of odious debt is money used by a former governing body used to violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or money taken by an individual with access to the money for personal gain rather than national interest. The ECA will act as an unbiased judge to determine Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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