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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

2 CCPCJ Resolution 2-1

2 CCPCJ Resolution 2-1 The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Acknowledging that sovereignty of nations must not be infringed upon, Realizing the importance of human trafficking and the effects that are byproducts of, Promoting the increase of awareness of human trafficking, Realizing the possible need for financial aid, Acknowledging all legislature previously passed by the United Nations in efforts to stop human trafficking, 1. Strongly Urges the education of people on human trafficking with the aid of NGOs such as the Global Programme Against Trafficking and Amnesty International by using forms of media such as: a. Pamphlets containing the importance of and dangers of human trafficking, b. Public speeches addressing the importance of and dangers of human trafficking; 2. Suggests that all nations embrace the concept of DEDTOPS (Diligence and Education Decision to Protect Sovereignty), which is a policy proposed to teach awareness of human trafficking and possible solutions without breaching a nation’s sovereignty; 3. Ardently Requests With Zeal that banks and NGOs provide financial aid such as loans to nations currently affected by the terrors of human trafficking and such banks and NGOs that include but are not limited to: a. The World Bank, b. Global Programme Against Trafficking, c. Amnesty International; 4. Offers support in patrolling borders between countries only if all countries sharing a border at the spot of patrols have agreed to UN aid; 5. Calls For rehabilitation centers to be implemented with support from NGOs and willing nations to help reintegrate victims of human trafficking back into society by such means as: a. Educational programs, b. Healthcare, c. Psychological aid, d. Support groups; 6. Requests that such rehabilitation centers are also properly equipped such that they may act as safe havens for those who feel as if they are in danger of being abducted by a human trafficker; 7. Calls For the trying of international human trafficking criminals by the International Criminal Court if all nations involved with said criminals agree with the trial by the International Criminal Court (ICC); 8. Also calls for the ICC’s aid in trying of national criminal of human trafficking if nations wish to convert the status of the trial to that of an international level; 9. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

3 CCPCJ Resolution 2-2 The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Condemning the human rights violation that is human trafficking, Reaffirming past legislation by the United Nations and the other regional and international institutions fighting human trafficking, Recognizing the lack of media attention that must be addressed, Expressing desires to prevent, protect, and prosecute as well as to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate, 1. Calls Upon nations to increase media attention to human trafficking: a. Through social awareness programs alerting the public in western nations, b. Printed informants that can be freely accessed, c. Information must include common methods of traffickers and emphasize the horrors of child labor and the sex trade, d. Encourages the continued efforts of NGOs to educate potential victims of human trafficking; 2. Urges nations to accept education programs: a. Through the action of established NGOs: i. Amnesty International, ii. World vision, iii. Child wise, iv. Project Respect, v. Red Cross; b. Education programs should target potential individuals who are particularly vulnerable to trafficking such as: i. Women, ii. Children, iii. Other potential victims; c. Victims would be informed of the general horrors of human trafficking and the techniques employed by individuals in the kidnapping of individuals; 3. Determines the necessity for the creation of rescue missions and rehabilitations centers: a. Rehabilitation centers will be encouraged to be created by the aforementioned NGOs and then will be taken over by the local governments, these will: i. Aid rescued trafficked victims, ii. Provide psychological counseling to ameliorate the dangers caused by human trafficking, iii. Help victims return to their homes and original countries, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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