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Passed Resolutions - IDIA

Passed Resolutions - IDIA

4 iv. Provide

4 iv. Provide educational opportunities for victims, b. Rescue missions that will be lead also by aforementioned NGOs with the approval and/or assistance of local governments; 4. Supports the creation of an organized documentation system under the UN Register and mediated by Interpol to be accessed globally, this system would include: a. Documentation of births, b. Documentation of all current citizens, c. Encourages the use of midwives to be a feasible part of the documentation process, d. This system will remain voluntary as well as confidential; 5. Further Requests international cooperation in the creation of stricter border control systems, these systems would: a. Focus on established human trafficking hot spots, b. Be especially concerned with border security weak spots, c. After determining these weak spots and hot spots strengthens them by increasing security, d. The systems would be overseen by regional groups, such as the African Union and European Union, that would regionally fight the transport of trafficking victims, e. Add and optimize efficient technology and mutual aid between nations; 6. Supports and Encourages states to ratify legislation strongly condemning human traffickers and further persecuting those individuals including: a. Increased actions taken to find and prosecute those participating in illegal activities: i. Bilateral and multilateral cooperation to investigate, track, and prosecute individuals and Human Trafficking organizations, ii. Extradition Treaties outlining procedures to remove traffickers and see to it that they get appropriate justice in the country’s legal system, iii. Seizure of assets and confiscation of proceeds of crime by the respective governments, b. Harsher punishments for convicted human traffickers as outlined by the UN Toolkit to Combat Trafficking of Persons; 7. Stresses the concern of economic poverty as one root cause of human trafficking and seeks to mediate this with micro-financing: a. Small loans given to individuals that would encourage and stimulate economic growth and progress by private banks and investors and/or NGOs, b. Humanitarian Aid given to impoverished nations, c. Medical missions and food trips to give physical supplies to the poor. Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

5 CCPCJ Resolution 2-3 Committee on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Endorsing the swift eradication of the institution of human trafficking, Acknowledging that human trafficking is the source of funding for a number of other illicit activities, Noting the lack of awareness in victims and its ramifications in how many more individuals are captured, Taking into account that through public awareness we can teach potential victims how to evade the danger and deception of traffickers, Affirming that if adequate enforcement is present, the percent of human trafficking will steadily decline, 1. Further Calls Upon NGOs, anti-trafficking organizations and other organizations to aid in finding kidnapped children and women; a. This would be done through rescue missions in: i. Brothels, ii. Child labor situations, iii. Child armies, iv. Sweatshops; b. The purpose of this would be to in turn find their kidnappers and subsequently prosecute them; 2. Strongly requests that all nations raise the awareness of their citizens on the sources and deceitfulness associated with human trafficking through: a. NGOs such as Amnesty International, World Vision, Polaris Project, Human Rights Watch, and the Global Programme Against Trafficking in Human Beings, b. Publishing simple and child friendly awareness pamphlets, c. This would be done to attempt to prevent human trafficking at its source; 3. Calls Upon governments to take a stronger stance against child traffickers by: a. Creating strict laws to tighten internal and international cooperative security or border control, b. Enacting firm punishments on caught traffickers such as: i. Jail time, ii. Substantial fines, c. Encouraging documentation of births in an effort to better track kidnapped children. This can be done by providing: i. Free pre-natal care in an effort to gather mothers-to-be and then documenting them, Philadelphia Model United Nations 2007

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