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2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)

2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)


MATHEMATICS National Assessment Program in Numeracy Number of students with a Test Score School Year 9 Numeracy 2009 2010 Total Students 301 321 In 2010, in Numeracy 94 per cent of Rossmoyne Senior High School Year 9 students achieved at or above the National Minimum Standard (NMS); and 50 per cent achieved at Bands 9 and 10, which is at the highest standard. These result compare most favourably against like schools and State results. Percentage of students in each Proficiency Band Year 9 Numeracy Band School Like Schools State 2009 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 10 31% 24% 12% 14% 4% 6% 9 32% 26% 24% 18% 11% 10% 8 22% 31% 29% 28% 23% 22% 7 11% 14% 26% 25% 31% 29% 6 3% 4% 9% 11% 21% 22% 1 to 5 1% 1% 1% 3% 7% 9% Above National Min. Standard National Min. Standard Below National Min. Standard Note: Percentages for individual schools and like-school groups exclude students identified with an intellectual disabilty. The State percentages are based on data for all students from public schools. • Australian Mathematics Competition 266 students participated 4 Prizes (for the top 0.3% of students competing):Terry Wang (Year 9), Andrew Yang (Year 10), Corbin Yap (Year 10), Alexander Ming (Year 12) 24 High Distinctions 113 Distinctions 115 Credits • Have Sum Fun Mathematics Competition (State Finals) 1st and 2nd places in South-of the-river-schools Competition • Winners of the 2010 Larry Blaker Award A prestigious and challenging Mathematics competition for WA private and public school. Team: Bharat Pothukuchi, Lena Birdus, Vincent Goh, Ruby Kirupanther and Yuxuan Yang. • Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad 12 students competed Prizes: Michael Tang and Ming Zhao (Ben) Liu Team Award: Raymond Chen, Ming Zhao (Ben), Michael Tang and Jun (John) Woo. • International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics Competition 63 students participated 3 medal winners: Michael Tang (Year 9), Thomas Qin (Year 10), Thava Jayabalan (Year 10) 13 High Distinctions 26 Distinctions 20 Credits • Secondary Schools’ Numero competition One team finished second • Australian Mathematical Olympiad Lena Birdus (Year 12): One of 87 Australian students invited to participate. Awarded a Credit certificate Have Sum Fun - Rossmoyne Team1

SCIENCE Western Australian Monitoring Standards in Education (WAMSE). WAMSE results provide information about Year 9 student performance in Science and Society & Environment (S&E). Number of students with a Test Score School Year 9 Science 2009 2010 Total Students 307 319 In 2010, in Science 78% of Rossmoyne Senior High School Year 9 students achieved at or above the WAMSE Test Standard These result compare very favourably against like schools and State results. Percentage of students in each State Band (Top, Middle, Bottom) Year 9 Science State School Like Schools 2009 2010 2009 2010 Top 20% 57% 41% 37% 33% Middle 60% 39% 55% 56% 59% Bottom 20% 4% 4% 7% 8% Chloe Lim at the Marshall Center for Infections Diseases Research and Training • Visits to the school by prominent scientists Professor Lyn Beazley, WA Chief Scientist Professor Steven Tingay, astrophysicist from Curtin University • Visit to the school by past student Aditya Chopra, Doctoral student in Astrophysics (ANU) Aditya Chopra, addressed students on Astrobiology • Siemens Science Experience (January 2010) held at the University of Western Australia. Ruby Bok; Jaz Hedgeland; Shan Nanayakkara; Alison Pitts; Hasula Poogoda; Jasmine Robinson • Work Experience (three days) at The Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training, UWA with Nobel Laureate Dr Barry Marshall. Chloe Lim (Year 12) • Work Experience (two days) at Curtin Institute for Radio Astronomy Andrew Yang (Year 10) • Beyond the Horizon: presentation by Australian astronaut Dr Andy Thomas Thomas Qin, Andrew Yang and Corbin Yap (Year 10s) invited to attend. • Youth Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS) Forum Alison Pitts (Year 10): gained a place to attend in Sydney. Met with leading scientists and attended workshops at universities. • SPICE Schools Program - Gold status membership Partnership between Rossmoyne Senior High School, UWA and Department of Education focusing on cutting-edge teacher professional learning. • National Youth Science Forum Jerilynn Khoo awarded a place in Canberra. • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools Science Competition (ICASS) Lena Birdus: highest Year 12 score in WA. 5 High Distinctions: Aaron Softley (Year 8), Mei Ting Chow (Year 8), Gavin Huangfu (Year 10), Tara Losic (Year 10) and Lena Birdus (Year 12). 33 Distinctions and 78 Credits • Sanofi-aventis BioGENius Challenge of WA Shreya Bhushan (Year 10) reached Regional Finals in 2009-2010 Challenge Kathleen Blackburn, Jaz Hedgeland, Alison Pitts, Maxin Qua (Year 10) and Parul Goplani (Year 9) accepted to participate in the 2010-2011 Challenge.

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