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2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)

2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)


PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE 2010 was a year of outstanding achievement and focused planning for the next phase of school development at Rossmoyne Senior High School. Our students again achieved at the highest levels in a range of academic, cultural and sporting programs, and they made valuable contributions to community programs. These outcomes reflect most positively on Rossmoyne’s students, staff, parents and wider school community. The Year 12 Class of 2010 performed extremely well in their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) studies. The School’s many and varied successes in academic and vocational courses were publicly acknowledged by the Minister for Education and were highlighted in the media. The Year 9 cohort performed well above ‘like schools’ in Western Australia in the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). While NAPLAN is a one-off test, it is linked to statements of learning which reflect teaching and learning programs across the nation’s schools. Our strong performance in NAPLAN therefore provided further assurance of the high standards of learning and teaching at Rossmoyne Senior High School. The students’ focus on academic achievement was supported and balanced by Rossmoyne’s pastoral care initiatives. Our Student Services team and teaching staff continued to offer students many opportunities to participate in cultural and recreational pursuits and interest groups, and to develop their interests in leadership and community service programs. The encouragement of a culture of community service is one of the school’s real strengths and it continues to flourish. In sport, Rossmoyne maintained its ranking as the top volleyball school in Western Australia. It is a source of enormous pride that over ten per cent of our students enjoy the opportunity to participate in volleyball at an elite level nationally. Through the commitment 2010 Australian School of the Year Scholarship winner, Jayde Christie with Principal, Leila Bothams and expertise of quality teachers and coaches, in 2010 our school achieved fifth place at the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup in Melbourne. Another point of pride in 2010 was Rossmoyne re-gaining its place in the public schools’ A Division Interschool Athletics Championship by attaining first place in the B Division Championship. The resurgence of school and team spirit among Rossmoyne’s student athletes was clearly evident and contributed to the athletics squad’s notable success. During 2010, Rossmoyne’s Academic Board explored ways of further enhancing the delivery of our educational programs, with particular focus on the Curriculum Council Courses of Study. Another important curriculum initiative was to work in partnership with feeder primary schools to establish Rossmoyne as a hub school for studies of Languages. Our aim was to strengthen studies of Asian and European languages through developing a seamless primary-to-secondary school curriculum. The study of Languages is thriving at Rossmoyne. Of particular note, in 2010 a record 238 students from Years 8 to 12 were enrolled in the study of Chinese (Mandarin), and our French students achieved top results in the Alliance Francais examinations. Our commitment to providing students with exceptional learning opportunities included Languages students’ tours to France and Japan, the Classical Music students’ tour to Scandinavia, and the Dance students’ tour to Sydney during the April Term holidays. In 2010, Rossmoyne Senior High School formalised partnerships with two schools in China: the National Institute of Technology (Beijing) and Hangzhou High School (Hangzhou). Intended benefits of our newly formed sisterschool relationships include student and teacher exchanges, enhanced crosscultural understandings, and mutual support for students’ studies of Chinese (Mandarin) and English as a second language. During 2010, the school trialled the use of MacBook laptops, with positive results. Subsequently, the Federal government’s National Secondary Schools Computer Funding Program enabled the rollout of a 1:1 laptop program for Year 8 students. The school installed a wireless operating environment, purchased additional interactive whiteboards, and commenced a program of targeted teacher professional development to support the thoughtful integration of information technology in the curriculum. Rossmoyne Senior High School Stage 2 Building Redevelopment Program commenced in 2010

A UNIQUE SCHOOL Construction of the $14 million Stage2 of the school’s building redevelopment program commenced in October 2010. New state-of-the-art facilities will include an English and Languages building, café, amphitheatre and extensions to the Performing Arts Centre, as well as an international size soccer pitch. 2010 was also a watershed year in the history of Rossmoyne Senior High School as we became an Independent Public School. Through increased autonomy from central policies and procedures, new opportunities opened up to set the school’s strategic directions and to devise local responses to benefit our students. In order to maximise these opportunities, a School Board was established to ensure strong governance within the more autonomous operating environment and to support the development of the school’s strategic directions. The resulting Rossmoyne Senior High School 2010-2012 Business Plan describes an exciting period of growth and development at Rossmoyne Senior High School as we continue to strengthen the relevance and excellence of our programs, and to provide the best possible facilities for our students and staff. Rossmoyne is a flagship Independent Public School within the Western Australian public school system. We deliver outstanding educational programs; we are an inclusive school; and we maintain a proud tradition of excellence and traditional values that go back to the school’s earliest days. We continue to stand for: • excellence in academic, vocational, sporting and cultural pursuits; • high standards of student dress and demeanour; • respect for ourselves, others and the environment; and • the development of outstanding citizens who make a worthwhile contribution to the community. Rossmoyne is a progressive school that is responsive to the changing needs of students and the community. Our staff and students engage actively in the local and international communities. Our multi-cultural campus has a vibrant, friendly and happy atmosphere. Students consistently provide feedback that the school promotes and delivers a well-rounded, balanced education. Former students overwhelmingly convey affection for, and pride in, Rossmoyne. Rossmoyne’s School Board, administration, teachers and support staff are committed to delivering world-class educational programs and services. We want all students to enjoy a positive experience at Rossmoyne, to achieve the best possible educational outcomes and to leave school with an optimistic outlook and a keen desire and confidence to make a worthwhile contribution to the community. 2010 Scandinavian Music Tour The Rossmoyne Senior High School 2010 School Report outlines our performance and achievements in 2010. I am pleased to present this Report. I also look forward to the next important and exciting phase of Rossmoyne Senior High School’s development as our school community continues to explore ways of maximising the educational experience of our students. Leila Bothams Principal Performing in Helsinki and Stockholm, enjoying and learning from the cultural experience

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