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2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)

2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)


MESSAGE FROM THE SCHOOL BOARD SCHOOL BOARD In 2010, a significant and exciting chapter began in the history of Rossmoyne Senior High School with its becoming an Independent Public School. Within this context, the efforts of the school community remain firmly committed to maintaining and enhancing Rossmoyne’s reputation as a premier school of choice in the public school system. With the increased autonomy of the Independent Public School, the school is better enabled to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all students through greater flexibility to respond to local needs. In order to ensure continuity of strong community input to the School, the School Council developed a transition strategy to a new model for school governance and planning, and made the transition to a School Board during Term 1, 2010. The School Council invited parents, staff, and community and industry representatives to nominate for the Board. Meetings and facilitated workshops were held to develop the purpose and activities of the Board during the transition period, and prospective Board members also attended induction sessions and workshops held by the Department of Education. The Board formed with 15 members represented by the Principal, two representatives of the school staff, a parent nominated by the P&C Association, and nine members from parents, community and business/industry. In addition, up to two student representatives are included on the Board, without voting rights. The enthusiasm and dedication of the Board throughout 2010 have stood out, and we provided strong governance, financial oversight and additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for our students. The Board worked with the Principal, school staff and school sub-committees to frame the 2010-2012 Delivery and Performance Agreement, which is a contract between the school and the Director General of the Department of Education, and is endorsed by the Board. This sets out a strategic plan, at a high level, to guide the direction of the school over the next three year period and which ensures that the targets set out in the Delivery and Performance Agreement will be met on time. Another area of focus for the Board was to prepare its Constitution and a Code of Conduct. These have been drafted according to the guidelines of the School Education Act (1999), and have been accepted by the Board. In 2011, the Board intends to apply to the Department of Education to become an incorporated body. Delivering a suitable built environment for the school was a high priority for the Board in 2010, including supporting the school’s strong wish to complete the rebuilding of Rossmoyne Senior High School in a way that minimises the dangers and disruption that result from a prolonged approach to finishing the work in many, sequential steps. To that end, members of the Board met with Dr Mike Nahan MLA (Riverton) and Mr Christian Porter MLA (Bateman) on several occasions to engage them with the building redevelopment program and a number of the school’s other priority projects and plans, and to keep them informed of Board activities. As an Independent Public School, in 2013 Rossmoyne will participate in an independent review of school performance. In 2010 the Principal and I met with officers from the Department of Education Services (the review body) to provide input and commence discussions concerning the scope and nature of the review. The Board also commenced work on framing a Vision 2020 statement for the school as part of its role in long term strategic planning. In 2010, members of the Board were also honoured to participate in various school activities, providing representation at assemblies, valedictory and music performances. In 2011, members of the Board look forward to providing strong support to the Principal and staff in their objective to ensure that the school continues to deliver the best possible educational opportunities for all students. School Board Chair: Professor Gordon Parkinson Professor Gordon M Parkinson Chair, Rossmoyne Senior High School Board Professor Gordon Parkinson (Chairperson) PhD. Research Director, Parent of Rossmoyne SHS student Ms Leila Bothams (Principal) BA, Dip Ed, Grad Dip Admin, Grad Cert Assess & Eval. Professor Robert Cavanagh PhD . Director, Research and Development, School of Education, Curtin University Mr Leo Gallop LLB, BA. Senior Associate, Freehills Former Head Boy, Rossmoyne SHS Ms Patrica Goh FCCA (UK), MACPA (Malaysia), ASA (Aust), MBA (Aust). Accountant/Financial Controller Parent of former Rossmoyne SHS students Mr Mahadevan (Jaya) Jayabalan BE, MSc, Grad Cert Mgt, PMP, MAIPM, MIE (Aust), CPEng, NPER-3 Principal Project Manager Civil Works Parent of Rossmoyne SHS student Dr Charles Musca PhD , BE (EE) . Engineering Manager, Parent of Rossmoyne SHS students Professor Sid Nair PhD . Academic, UWA, Parent of Rossmoyne SHS student Mr Paul Ng HonFSOE (Lond), HonFIPlantE (Lond), HonFIRTE (Lond). Engineering Management and Consultancy, Community representative Mr Dave Olney BSc. Executive, Director of three not-for-profit Boards, Former student Ms Helene Ostrini Sales and Marketing Director, Parent of former students Dr Inderpal Singh PhD, BCom (Hons), CA Assoc Professor, Business School UWA, Former student Ms Penny Tuffin B.Pharm, PGDip Pharm, FPS, AACPA. Parent of Rossmoyne SHS students Ms Lee Illingworth BA, B.Com, Post Grad Dip Ed . Teacher Mr Rob MacMath BA (Hons), BEd. Teacher Ms Upsana Jayaraman Student Councillor Mr Saieesh Shanmugarajah Student Councilllor

LOCATION BACKGROUND Rossmoyne Senior High School is located 10 kilometres south of the Perth CBD, in the suburb of Rossmoyne. It is well served by public transport, with bus services to Perth and Fremantle available outside the school and the Bull Creek Railway Station within comfortable walking distance. SCHOOL EMBLEM AND MOTTO The school’s emblem and motto were drawn from the Scottish origins of the name Rossmoyne. Research by the school’s foundation administration staff produced the badge of the Clan Ross. It consisted of a buckled belt enclosing a hand clutching a laurel wreath, with a motto in Latin Spem successsus alit. Translated into English, the motto reads, Success nourishes hope. The emblem and motto have stood the test of time and continue to reflect a belief in the important link between successful educational outcomes and citizens who lead fulfilling, rounded and productive lives. Today, Rossmoyne Senior High School continues to stand for high aspirations, excellence in all endeavours and respect for self, others and the environment. Rossmoyne Senior High School opened in 1968 and quickly established its reputation for excellence in secondary education. In 2001, Rossmoyne won the inaugural The Australian School of the Year Award for its outstanding academic achievement and strong pastoral care emphasis. The school continues to be recognised as one of Australia’s top schools. Rossmoyne provides students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their interests, skills and abilities from the time they commence studies in Year 8. The school’s excellence across academic, vocational, cultural and sporting programs is widely acknowledged. It offers students opportunities to excel in areas of special interest and aptitude through Gifted and Talented (G&T), specialist and extension courses. It has a strong focus on languages education and students may elect from studies in French, German, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. Places in the school’s specialist classical music and volleyball programs are highly sought after. The school participates in the Public Schools’ swimming and athletics competitions at “A” division level. Quality academic extension courses are delivered in English, Mathematics, Science, Society and Environment and Computing. The school delivers outstanding English as an Additional Language or Dialect programs, an award-winning Bush Rangers cadet unit focusing on environmental issues and successful dance, drama and art programs. Rossmoyne prioritises the provision of an intellectually, physically and emotionally safe learning environment for all students. The school’s pastoral care focus is built on a strong, responsive and well-resourced Student Services Centre. The Centre houses five Year Coordinators, the Student Services Head of Department, School Psychologist, Nurse, Chaplaincy Service, Learning Support Coordinator and Attendance Officer. This team delivers a carefully planned, five-year program from Years 8 to 12 tailored to students’ educational and social needs and the development of positive attitudes to and engagement in citizenship and leadership activities. It also includes individual student counselling, study skills programs and support for students with learning difficulties or disabilities. The development of cohesive, cooperative Year groups with a strong team and school spirit and the development of citizenship skills, are an important element of the school’s pastoral care focus. Rossmoyne’s ethos reflects a belief that personal and academic success can be achieved through self-discipline, high aspirations and a commitment to excellence in all endeavours. At Rossmoyne, students learn how to succeed and how to handle their success. They also know how to appropriately acknowledge the success of others. As a result, a very positive culture exists in which students enjoy and share their own achievements and respect and learn from others’ achievements. Students are expected to do their best in all of their pursuits and to behave in a courteous and considerate manner at all times. The wearing of school uniform is supported by the parents and strongly encouraged as a symbol of pride in the school.

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