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2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)

2010 Rossmoyne Senior High School Report (Web 2MB)


1. STUDENT INFORMATION Enrolments Enrolments at Rossmoyne Senior High School Semester 2 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Lower Secondary 921 888 886 933 882 Upper Secondary 598 629 618 611 667 Total 1519 1517 1504 1544 1549 Attendance Rates The average attendance rate of students over the period 2006 to 2010, provided in the table below, shows that Rossmoyne Senior High School maintains excellent levels of student attendance. Rossmoyne SHS and State Year School State 2006 95.8% 88.0% 2007 95.1% 88.4% 2008 95.5% 87.6% 2009 95.3% 87.7% 2010 95.0% 89.0% excel respect aspire

2. STAFF INFORMATION Teacher Qualifications All teaching staff at Rossmoyne Senior High School meet the professional requirements to teach in Western Australian schools and are registered with the Western Australian College of Teaching. In 2010, teachers participated in a minimum of six days’ professional development. Their program focused on Curriculum Council Courses of Study, student health and wellbeing, and information technology in the curriculum. Staff Numbers 2010 STAFF Number of Staff FTE* Total Teaching Staff 122 102.8 Other Non-Teaching Staff 27 21 TOTAL 149 123.8 * Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Premier’s Teacher of the Year Award Finalist: Dr David Henderson STAFF NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2010 Premier’s Teacher of the Year Award Finalist: One of four State finalists Dr David Henderson (Science ,Vocational Education and Training) 2010 Instructor’s Award for Excellence (Department of Environment and Conservation): Mrs Wendy Corrick (Coordinator of Bush Rangers Cadets Unit) Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow: Awarded for outstanding service to education Mrs Susan Thorp (Vocational Education and Training) Level 3 Certification: Five teachers awarded Department of Education Level 3 Classroom Teacher status for exemplary practice in teaching and learning: • Dr David Henderson (Science, Vocational Education and Training) • Ms Jan Klifunis (Society & Environment) • Ms Lee Illingworth (Society & Environment, Politics and Law • Ms Lisa Somers (Health and Physical Education • Mr Tony Wright (Design and Technology) Certificate IV Training and Assessment: Eight teachers completed the Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification in order to deliver more Certificate level training courses for Year 11 and 12 students. This brings to 12 the total number of teachers at Rossmoyne Senior High School with this qualification. • Ms Carly Bache (Health and Physical Education) • Mr Mathew Burt (Information Technology) • Dr David Henderson (Science) • Mr Richard Hodgson (Design and Technology) • Mr Rory Read (Health and Physical Education) • Mr Andrew Stephens (Health and Physical Education) • Mr Robert Vinden (Design and Technology) • Mr Tony Wright (Design and Technology) Instructor’s Award for Excellence: Wendy Corrick

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