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Funlola Otukoya DiSeC Maritime Piracy Sweden Elmont ... - IDIA

Funlola Otukoya DiSeC Maritime Piracy Sweden Elmont ... - IDIA

Many private and

Many private and commercial owners of ships feel that when they report their cases to the IMB (International Maritime Bureau) nothing will be done. In many cases commercial ships will not report hijacking because if they report these robberies to the IMB and also to the Insurance companies to compensate them for their lost goods, they will find insurance premiums increase. Many companies just keep quiet. Due to Sweden’s location to the north of Europe, we are not plagued by this issue. Pirate attacks are not common in the Baltic Sea. We condemn these issues and will help in any way possible. The nation of Sweden is a neutral country and would not like to get into any open ended conflict, but like many of the other European nations, we will help any ship in distress. If this problem is not handled immediately and effectively the high seas will continue to become hit with pirate attacks and the seas will no longer be safe. The committee of DiSEC must come up with comprehensive solutions. A resolution that Sweden plans to entertain is Crew Awareneness and Detection Training. The biggest advantages Pirates retain are speed, violence, and surprise. Anti Piracy Tracking devices are very effective to eliminate the element of surprise. The system runs on a small computer to track you wherever you go in the world. If you are being attacked, it will send out a signal. Once the element of surprise is out of the equation, then the ships can be safer. A second solution to this problem is to increase the security units that are traveling with these ships. When a civilian or commercial ship has a ship protecting them, pirates will think twice about disturbing a ship. While many countries may say this is too expensive countries such as Brazil have waived anti piracy inspection fees.

Maritime piracy is a problem that still plagues the world today. In order to combat this issue, all countries must come together or else the infrastructure of the sea will be hindered.

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