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The Tapestry Book, by Helen... - Yesterday Image

The Tapestry Book, by Helen... - Yesterday Image


The Tapestry Book, by Helen Churchill Candee. 54 of 196 03/03/2009 19:16 See larger image CONQUEST OF TUNIS BY CHARLES V (DETAIL) Cartoon by Jan Vermeyen. Woven by Pannemaker. Royal Collection at Madrid As for Pannemaker’s imperial patron, John Addington Symonds discriminatingly says of him: “Like a gale sweeping across a forest of trees in blossom, and bearing their fertilising pollen to far distant trees, the storm of Charles Fifth’s army carried far and wide through Europe the productive energy of the Renaissance.” B CHAPTER VI RENAISSANCE INFLUENCE RUSSELS in 1515, with her workmen at the zenith of their perfection, was given the order to weave the set of the Acts of the Apostles for the Pope to hang in the Sistine Chapel. (Plate facing page 64.) The cartoons were by the great Raphael. Not only did he draw the splendid scenes, but with his exquisite invention elaborated the borders. Thus was set in the midst of the Brussels ateliers a pattern for the new art that was to retire the nice perfection of the previous school of restraint. From that time, all was regulated by new standards. Before considering the change that came to designs in tapestry, it is necessary that

The Tapestry Book, by Helen Churchill Candee. 55 of 196 03/03/2009 19:16 both mind and eye should be literally savants in the Gothic. Without this the greatest point in classifying and distinguishing is missed. The dainty grace of the verdure and flowers, the exquisite models of the architectural details, the honest, simple scheme of colour, all these are distinguishing marks, but to them is added the still greater one of the figures and their grouping. In the very early work, these are few in number, all equally accented in size and finish, but later the laws of perspective are better understood, and subordinates to the subject are drawn smaller. This gives opportunity for increase in the number of personages, and for the introduction of the horses and dogs and little wild animals that cause a childish thrill of delight wherever they are encountered, so like are they to the species that haunt childhood’s fairyland. See larger image DEATH OF ANANIAS.—FROM ACTS OF THE APOSTLES BY RAPHAEL From the Palace of Madrid See larger image THE STORY OF REBECCA

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