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African Union - IDIA

African Union - IDIA

PhilMUN 2007 15 Algeria

PhilMUN 2007 15 Algeria Algeria has been active in the Saharawi region, providing emergency assistance and humanitarian aid whenever necessary. Algeria currently hosts refugee camps near its borders for the Saharawi refugees, the most commonly known is Tindouf. Since 1975, the government has fully supported the Polisario Front in the Western Sahara, delivering arms, training, financial aid, and food for more than thirty years without interruption. As a strong advocate for peace in the region, Algeria is fully invested in seeing the Polisario achieve Saharawan independence. Algeria was responsible for the establishment of a 1991 cease-fire agreement in Algiers which many hoped would lead to a peaceful resolution of the matter. While it has taken a very active stance in the issue, Algeria refuses to take part in direct negotiations between the Polisario and Morocco. The government feels that as they are not a party to the conflict they do not have the right to actively engage in negotiations, instead advocating bilateral talks between the Saharawi and Moroccan governments. 49 While Algeria disagrees with Morocco’s stance on this issue, both Algeria and Morocco have aimed to improve their relations with the hope of achieving a meaningful, long lasting resolution to the conflict. States that Recognize the Saharawi Republic Angola, Algeria, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe all recognize the Saharawi Republic. Each state is therefore invested in regional peace, if not the independence of the Saharawi people. While overall humanitarian support in this region is minimal at best, the majority of the support the Saharawans receive comes from these states. Perhaps the most surprising state to recently recognize the Saharawi independence was South Africa, whose strong economic ties with Morocco originally precluded them from recognizing the SADR. Yet, through time and political pressure, South Africa made the decision to recognize the existence of the SADR. Many of these states also contribute troops to 49 “Report of the Secretary General on the Situation Concerning Western Sahara.” United Nations Security Council.

PhilMUN 2007 16 MINURSO to help maintain peace in the region. While most states have allied with the Saharawi due to political pressure, few nations have become actively involved politically in the matter. Fostering a sense of responsibility in these states to develop a feasible political solution to Saharawi independence is vital to finding an overall solution to this concern. The Remainder of the African Union Nations that have not yet been discussed, including Eritrea, Somalia, Ghana, Egypt, and Senegal, disregard the African Union’s decision to recognize the Saharawi people as a sovereign entity. Yet, although Ghana has not formally recognized the SADR, the government has provided troops to help keep peace in the region. 50 While these states have each independently made the decision to on some level recognize the SADR, almost all of these nations have individual motives for not formally recognizing the Republic. They range from economic or political pressure from Morocco to merely indifference to the Saharawan struggle. Many of these states, such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia, face their own humanitarian crises, and are therefore disinterested in becoming entangled in this debate. These economic and political alliances will be extremely important in determining whether or not to take action in Western Sahara. 50 “Report of the Secretary General on the Situation Concerning Western Sahara.” United Nations Security Council.

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