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Special Political and Decolonization Western Sahara - IDIA

Special Political and Decolonization Western Sahara - IDIA

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Rutgers Model United Nations 25 Bibliography Further Reading Hodges, Tony. Western Sahara: The Roots of a Desert War. Print. This book chronicles the history of the conflict in Western Sahara. Omar, Sidi M. The right to self-determination and the indigenous people of Western Sahara. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2008. Print. This journal article provides insight into the self-determination aspect of the conflict. It outlines how self-determination has become a right and explores the denial of the right to self-determination for the Sahrawi people. Haugen, Hans Morten. “The Right to Self-Determination and Natural Resources: The Case of Western Sahara.” Law, Environment, and Development Journal (2007). This journal article takes an extensive look into the role of natural resources and how they contribute to Morocco’s desire to maintain control over Western Sahara.

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